Subaru Legacy mule seen testing ahead of next year's debut
5 June 2008

These spy shots shows two new cars in one picture - the bodywork is a cut-down version of the next Subaru Legacy, but underneath is the running gear and platform for the forthcoming Subaru/Toyota coupe.The new Legacy is signed off and will be launched in either February or March 2009, according to sources in Japan, but the coupe won't be ready for another three years.The car loses the current generation's crisp body style for a rounder and more conservative look, according to a well placed source, but it will be a better all-round drive, and crucially, greener than today's version.Underneath, the platform is an evolution from the current car but the new Legacy will get Impreza/Forester-style double wishbone rear suspension. The coupe, too, will use Impreza underpinnings but will bin Subaru's four-wheel drive transmission in favour of rear-wheel drive to save weight.The Legacy will use evolutions of the 2.0 and 2.5-litre flat-four engines, plus the top-spec 3.0-litre flat-six. And the acclaimed and now much in-demand 2.0-litre Boxer Diesel will be available, which will significantly improve the car's appeal in Europe. Subaru is also planning to offer the new Legacy with CVT transmission to improve both economy and CO2 emissions, along with a stop start system under development.

Peter Nunn

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Subaru Legacy

As a true workhorse, there are few better than the Subaru Legacy. As an everyday estate, there are loads better.

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5 June 2008

I think i agree with the other reports that this is a coupe mule. The wheelbase is much too short to be a Legacy, if you say the next version will be bigger than the previous car, also the front doors are quite long suggesting this is a two door.

5 June 2008

I'd say that this is the coupe as well.

There's no way that car could be a Legacy - far too short, no room for 4 doors and the back end is too stubby.

Are Autocar just saying this to be different from Auto Express? ;o)

5 June 2008

I would concur with this - if there are indeed back doors on there then they are for midgets only and TBH it looks not much different to the current Legacy in terms of styling.

6 June 2008

Hope they design it as well as the current gen....nothing like the tribeca or the basic imprezas!


6 June 2008

Autocar's sources in Japan have confirmed that this car is the next Legacy in chopped down form.But it is on top of the mechanicals for the new Coupe. It seems both cars are being extensively tested in the UK.

6 June 2008

[quote zahmad]Hope they design it as well as the current gen....nothing like the tribeca or the basic imprezas![/quote]

I had an Impreza loan car recently and I was seriously glad to get back in my Legacy.

6 June 2008

I love the current version, had the spec B on test for the day about twelve months ago and absolutey loved it.

If Subaru mess with the styling like they have with the Impreza it will alienate the kind of people who buy the current one. A real stealth car.

6 June 2008

I don't actually mind the exterior of the Impreza but the interior was dire - not so much the design (which wasn't great) but the quality of materials was atrocious. The example I had was a 1.5 with less than 1000 miles and it was squeaking and rattling away as you drove it.

I don't know how they managed to get this so wrong.

7 June 2008

Thats the first time Ive heard of an impreza being a stealth car. Non scooby drivers probably wouldnt say that.

Agree though about the styling. The legacy looked good on the outside.

Lets just hope the interior can match come of its german counterparts then it will be a real seller

7 June 2008

[quote senie]Thats the first time Ive heard of an impreza being a stealth car. Non scooby drivers probably wouldnt say that.[/quote]

Jon was referring to the Legacy as a stealth car not the Impreza.

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