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Scanned brochure shots reveal facelifted Lexus CT200h hatchback ahead of proposed 2014 launch

Leaked brochure shots have reportedly revealed the facelifted Lexus CT200h.

First seen on an Indian blogging site, the leaked images show the facelifted car ahead of its official reveal. The new Lexus hatchback will be positioned to take on the Audi A3, BMW 1-series and Mercedes A-class in Europe. Rumours suggest it will go on sale next year.

The same styled front grille as seen on recent Lexus models like the new IS300h – and also concept cars including the LF-NX SUV – is prevalent on the facelifted car. Internet rumours also suggest an F-Sport derivative would also feature in the new CT200h lineup.

Engine options have yet to be revealed, but it's expected that little will change from the current range. That means the same 98bhp 1.8-litre petrol engine combined with an electric motor that pushes overall power to 134bhp. The same CVT gearbox is also expected.

The previous CT200h was capable of covering the 0-62mph sprint in 10.3 seconds and had a top speed of 113mph. A significant price premium over the £21,995 asked for a current base-spec CT200h is also likely.

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fadyady 16 October 2013

Sporty looks

Does anyone else see a passing resemblance with Mazda 3 MPS?
May be it's just me. Yeah. It looks better than before.
And no. I don't think Lexus will offer other powertrains.
After all this car is primarily there to help Lexus meet CO2 targets.

Christian Galea 15 October 2013

Admittedly it looks better

Admittedly it looks better than the previous version, but a) I'm not too fond of the interior (although we haven't seen the interior of the facelift I'd bet it hasn;t changed much), b) that rear end still looks terrible. Even a Lexus fan I know thinks it's not pretty, c) the current version has a sub-standard ride/handling compared to its rivals (as stated in reviews...I've never been in one personally) and d) it's got several similarities with the Prius...all this means that you'd have to be made to buy one if you want a hybrid hatchback.

artill 15 October 2013

I like the looks of the

I like the looks of the original one, and inside its a very nice car. This new one looks better still. But the road tests always say the ride/handling is poor and uncomfortable ( i havent been in one moving so cant comment) , and there is still only the single engine option and CVT box. If they want it to sell more they should offer some more engine/box options, and tweek the suspension