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Tata vice chairman Ravi Kant outlines new product plans
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3 March 2010

Jaguar Land Rover needs to bring new models to market more quickly, consider collaborations with other makers and become more internationally focused, Tata vice chairman Ravi Kant has told Autocar.

His comments add further weight to speculation that the company will be going on a new model offensive in the next few years, expanding its product line up for both Jaguar and Land Rover.

Speaking to Autocar last night Kant admitted that the company, especially Jaguar, has been too slow to react.

"Our key advantages should be speed to market and agility, that should be the DNA of any small company," he said.

Kant revealed that he and new Tata Motors boss Carl-Peter Forster are currently undertaking a strategic view of JLR’s model line up and how the company should expand. Jaguar is a particular focus as Tata decides what to launch after the XE sports car, expected at the end of 2012.

Kant admitted that a small Jag is being considered: "We’re having a debate about a small car. It has to happen if you want to keep the brand alive. We need an entry-level car."

Kant also conceeded that he is not ruling out the possibility of collaborating with another car maker to produce a baby Jag, as it’s believed that a BMW 3-series rival could not be spun off of the new sports car platform.

The future of Land Rover is also under debate as insiders admit that - while Range Rover has a clear strategy - the Defender, Freelander and Discovery are too disparate going forward.

Insiders admit that it’s possible that the Disco may not be replaced.

Kant, though, reckons that JLR has room for huge expansion and admits to do so JLR’s ‘mindset’ should be ‘less British’.

"Britain only accounts for 25 per cent of JLR’s market, what they want is not necessarily what everyone else wants," he said.

Chas Hallett

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2 March 2010

Finally they're taking my advice. It would have been so much simpler if they put me in charge.

2 March 2010

A new smaller Jaguar would be great, personally I never saw what was wrong with basing the X-type on a Mondeo - it did drive well as a result, it was just the retro styling I wasn't keen on.

As for Land Rover, I'm surprised at the comments about the Discovery. I think it's one of LRs best cars, and certainly the most appealing, unlike the Range Rover (especially the Sport) which I find a little too 'bling' now. I think the mistake they are making is taking the Discovery further upmarket and so it is beginning to tread on the toes of the RR Sport. For me, Land Rover means practical and capable whereas Range Rover means luxury.

2 March 2010

I'm very disappointed because Jaguar today for celebrating the 75° anniversary could reveal a teaser or skecth of the XE or even a concept car (XF Coupè, XJ Limo Green, etc...). Forward only the new XKR Special Edtion (the best EVER XK) is little, fairl modest. What do u think?!

2 March 2010

a new x type, with a coupe model for midlife crisis people who want an xk but cant afford- it could have the 2.2 td4 from the freelander and be rwd. a hot straight 6 r version would be good and a tdv8 in the xj. even a 4x4 based on the range sport?

2 March 2010

i don't like the sound of this collaboration with other companies. Sorry but it don't suit Jag's brand image. A x-type sized very slick coupe version of the actual XF concept would be a show stopper and catch people out and would sell by the lorry loads and would have anyone selling their 3 series coupe. i don't think Jag making a small car would be ideal for representing prestige luxury. This should be a car designed and produced according to its ideology of beautiful fast cars that are exclusive and data currently shows that the XF and new XJ will hold its value better than others in their range namely due to its looks and exclusive numbers and not led by mass marketing campaign like BMW and Merc or Audi. Need diesel XK, Daimler, more limited edition models that are very exclusive not just with added body kits. Just my view but guess some may not agree.

2 March 2010

ah daimler- what to do with it? Id make a 100k bentley rival on a range rover chassis which is bigger than an xj and really luxurious. Call it the Majestic or Something and give it a V12 then put said v12 in xk for exclusive model

3 March 2010

[quote RUGBYSCL]Id make a 100k bentley rival on a range rover chassis which is bigger than an xj and really luxurious. Call it the Majestic or Something and give it a V12 then put said v12 in xk for exclusive model[/quote]

Yes that is what i always wanted, a limited edition Daimler XJ-Sterling with every chrome replaced by maybe a choice of sterling silver or platinum or maybe white gold hand built by someone in Jewellery Qtr to those who can wait for that British hand built finish. That would be very exclusive and be put in the history books as the most prestige Jag ever made. To me personally its not mostly about churning out huge number of cars, any car company can do that but its the companies who stick to their guns about their philosophy like jag's about beautiful fast cars and Sir WIlliam Lyon's that "The car is the closest thing we will ever create to something that is alive". Those who stick to it are the ones that shine in my opinion and get my respect regardless of whether its British or not. I never had huge respect for the German eqv like BMW, Merc, or even Audi. They are very good but i have been put off by them. Even when Jag was making the S-type and X-type i was slightly disappointed but in the face of some fans of the german elite there was that faith that i had and i knew that one day Jag could come out with the goods and now it seems its coming true. I have my doubts about those new guys they have just taken on that GM yank-influenced guy and speth and these business minded people i think need to take a trip down memory lane and see what Jaguar was about and needs to be, drive their old cars and experience the trill, how it got messed up by BL and Ford before even coming up with such a stupid suggestion of a small car. This is a prestige brand that once stood up to the likes of Rolls-Royce unfortunately the Majesty's Daimler broke down :( so she opted for a Rolls-Royce. and Yes.... i have always and will always suggest a V12 with chromed engine heads, neat and tidy. Come on Jag, need a XKD, Daimler XJ, XJ12, XK12, Daimler XJ12-Sterling or Platinum , XF12. the later 5 being proper limited editions in Racing Green or Navy Blue, putting Jag back on the maps as a proper British Luxury car it should be.

3 March 2010

For me Jaguar only need more sportscars. I support a compact 4dr coupè, simil RD-6 concept car, with new jag style. Jaguar has no reason to compete with BMW or Audi, because the object is low numbers and high profits.

3 March 2010

It would be good if they decided to build beautiful saloons, coupes and sportscars again, and got to a 21st century interpretation of 'grace, space and pace'.

And by the way, make the sportscar a compact 2-seater with a fully disappearing hood with a manual 'box option. Not some golf clubs and slacks, 2+2, bulky pram-hood embarrassment. (If they do I might buy one).


3 March 2010

Whilst it is only sensible to review JLR's product stratgey, it is concerning to hear he states that 'one needs an entry model'. Porsche never had a mass production entry model in that sense and was hugely profitable until they started gambling in the markets. And if one were to name one thing that nearly killed Jag it was the volume oriented X-type. Smart niche products like XF-Coupe, Convertible, Shooting Break and bespoke models are what Jag needs, in addition to the brilliant XJ/XF and XK/XE series.


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