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Tata vice chairman Ravi Kant outlines new product plans

Jaguar Land Rover needs to bring new models to market more quickly, consider collaborations with other makers and become more internationally focused, Tata vice chairman Ravi Kant has told Autocar.

His comments add further weight to speculation that the company will be going on a new model offensive in the next few years, expanding its product line up for both Jaguar and Land Rover.

Speaking to Autocar last night Kant admitted that the company, especially Jaguar, has been too slow to react.

"Our key advantages should be speed to market and agility, that should be the DNA of any small company," he said.

Kant revealed that he and new Tata Motors boss Carl-Peter Forster are currently undertaking a strategic view of JLR’s model line up and how the company should expand. Jaguar is a particular focus as Tata decides what to launch after the XE sports car, expected at the end of 2012.

Kant admitted that a small Jag is being considered: "We’re having a debate about a small car. It has to happen if you want to keep the brand alive. We need an entry-level car."

Kant also conceeded that he is not ruling out the possibility of collaborating with another car maker to produce a baby Jag, as it’s believed that a BMW 3-series rival could not be spun off of the new sports car platform.

The future of Land Rover is also under debate as insiders admit that - while Range Rover has a clear strategy - the Defender, Freelander and Discovery are too disparate going forward.

Insiders admit that it’s possible that the Disco may not be replaced.

Kant, though, reckons that JLR has room for huge expansion and admits to do so JLR’s ‘mindset’ should be ‘less British’.

"Britain only accounts for 25 per cent of JLR’s market, what they want is not necessarily what everyone else wants," he said.

Chas Hallett

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chandrew 9 March 2010

Re: Jaguar plans radical overhaul

tuga wrote:
Not replacing the Disco would be a huge mistake on their part. Unless they're planning on moving the next Defender up market, which would of course be an even bigger mistake.
I think the key issue is that you rarely see them on the roads outside the UK. Range Rovers and Sports, yes lots, but I can't remember the last time I saw a Discovery. (Just checked online, my local dealer doesn't even have a new or used one in stock!) I also don't think that they mean losing the Britishness, just not basing their product line to suit the UK buying public. It's a small part of their overall buying market and with the state of the pound probably one of the least attractive financially.

dipdaddy 4 March 2010

Re: Jaguar plans radical overhaul

MattDB wrote:
Collaboration works.
MattDB, Like i said Jaguar shares underpinnings and like you rightfully said engines across its range but lets not make it obvious. Sometimes you see a car on the road and without reading magazines or newspapers you can tell there is an issue. I guess those who study graphic design and crafts can tell this. Licensing will also generate cash for Jag which can only be good news and its a company that is tata's luxury car division that makes sport cars and luxury sport saloons not white van man commercial vehicles, that would be tata's area of expertise as it makes vans, pickups and trucks, which if it wanted to could use Liverpool plant for that sort of production or one of the midland plants for sale in the UK. i guess after reading other people's views and opinions such a small car might work but that would all depend if such a car could represent what jaguar stands up for and it could be affordable and practical with a right price range.

jer 4 March 2010

Re: Jaguar plans radical overhaul

I saw one on the A34 M4 junction before Christmas. I tried to follow it for a while without appearing like a paparazi but failed. Black, sleek, big arsed fast (Flo Jo?), you get the idea from the photos it's not different in the metal. I pro the design.