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17 December 2008

With the end of the year fast approaching many people will be asking themselves how they can do better in 2009, and is no different. This is your chance to make a real impact on our New Year resolutions.

We’d like to get a clear idea of what we are doing well, what we may be doing badly, what you would like to see more of and what keeps you coming back.

It is also an opportunity for us to find out a little bit more about the wonderful group of people who make up our audience.

The survey is very concise and shouldn't take long to complete. Your answers will be completely anonymous and will help inform any improvements we make to the site.

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17 December 2008


Why cant you pick more then 1 item on the "whats good, whats bad" questions?

17 December 2008

[quote Quattro369]Why cant you pick more then 1 item on the "whats good, whats bad" questions?[/quote] I agree, should have put that in my final comments.

Enjoying a Fabia VRs - affordable performance

18 December 2008

Coz a techie got it wrong!! It's a fault.

Hope it's still under warranty.

18 December 2008

Same goes for several questions!

"where do you access from?"

I use all of them!!!

18 December 2008

The one thing I forgot to say in the survey is that the technical functionality of is frankly very, very poor - especially the forums within which I'm now commenting. I'm not sure who does this for you - I assume it is of course outsourced - but I can promise that whatever you are paying them, it is far too much.

I have a number of teams developing these kinds of things for my clients in many industries, including most of the major Auto OEMs, and I have to say if any of them produced something as bad as this, their (and my) head would be on a block sharpish. I'm suprised Haymarket can't stretch to a more professional service - however, if they can, let me know, as I'm certain we can help!

29 December 2008

I agree with Quattro - there should be the ability to select multiple answers to some questions

29 December 2008

Checkboxes rather than radio buttons please - think I'll wait to see if it gets changed before filling it in.

30 December 2008


Interesting point:

"who did this survey? a primary school kid? (tho that would be offensive to primary school kids!)"

I've been an on and off again buyer of Autocar/Motor since around 1984- thats coming on 25 years!. I've read most of the issues since - easy enough as the mag has never been one to get into much detail. All I can say is that somewhere in the 90's it became very much like what you write, schoolish level. And yes Sut is a great driver, but has a hard time expressing what the handling of cars is like in any sort of detail- like poorer drivers Mark Hales (well hes probably on par) John Batker, and Richard Meaden. I suppose thats why evo stole the limelight for the better part of the last 10 years. And Granted now their both mags are about the same, like most things these days. J

3 January 2009

There comes a point when a critique can become demotivating to those who moderate/ manage a website.

I ask myself, "Can I do better?"........ Probably not, if I'm honest.

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