VW could stop selling the Golf in America beacuse of the weak dollar
17 June 2008

Volkswagen could stop selling the Golf in America because of the weak dollar. The German company wants to improve its profitability margins in its pursuit of market leader Toyota and the Golf, which is called ‘Rabbit’ in the States, isn’t selling as well as the company would like. The Tiguan and Touareg SUVs are more popular. But the US market has proved disastrous for VW recently with the North American wing of the company posting billion-dollar losses.Volkswagen is likely to build a new factory in America in 2011 and it’s possible that production of an American version of the next-generation Golf could start there. Until that point, it’s likely that sales will be halted in the US.

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Volkswagen Golf

Just how good is the mighty Volkswagen Golf? The seventh generation of Europe's best selling car has been facelifted to keep its nose ahead of its rivals

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17 June 2008

With a name like "rabbit" are VW really suprised it's not selling?

Howdy partner, what you driving then?

Oh, just my rabbit.

Sniggers galore from the knowing populace...

17 June 2008

From what I've seen on my trips there is that the Jetta is a much more popular model. Hatchbacks aren't the thing over the pond.

17 June 2008

Only a 2.5L engine available too.

17 June 2008

Knee jerk reaction and bad timing, even the most devout SUV aficionados see the writing on the wall. People here are buying these cars now; a wait and see could pay dividends. I loved my GTI and if I had room for two cars would have kept it.

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To know which way the wind blows
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17 June 2008

Your right - in the US market the saloon version (Jetta) is greatly favoured over the hatch (Rabbit). The standard engine is a 2.5l 5cyl which is not the VR5 unit, but a "straight" five derived from the old 2litre 115bhp GTi engine. In the context of the US where even the most basic cars have high power levels (a Honda Jazz (Fit in US) has a 1.5l base engine, for instance) this power choice makes sense.

It used to be the case that the Jetta/Rabbit/Golf was made in Mexico (cheap labour), so the dollar's weakness vs. the Euro shouldn't affect the economics.

17 June 2008

This report is off the mark. Just today, VW of America has denied that the MK6 Golf/Rabbit will be dropped from the American market. According to Edmunds, VWOA spokesman Steve Keys has said that they are proceding with plans to introduce the new model in the fall of next year.

17 June 2008

I understand the 2.5 engine they use for the US model generates 170 bhp which is a reasonable figure for a car of that capacity in America. Some engines I have come across there have abysmal outputs when compared to their size. The question is, why doesnt VW introduce some of the more efficient engines they use in Europe such as the twin chargers? I know the brilliant TDI engines (2.0 170PS common rail in particular) wont be accepted there mainly do to emissions regulations and the american mentality towards diesel engines, however the choices given to the American VW market is very limited. This may be a factor restricting sales against certain competitors.

18 June 2008

It's a big country, you could easily lose a car there.

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