Currently reading: Ulrich Bez: Aston Martin 'is not for sale'
Aston boss denies the company is up for sale, but he is aware there are no shortage of potential buyers

Aston Martin boss Dr Ulrich Bez has refuted suggestions the iconic British marque is for sale.

Speculation had mounted that the firm was being courted by mass market car makers looking for a way into the potentially lucrative sports car market, and with an eye to developing the luxury brand in new, potentially profitable areas by developing an SUV through its Lagonda offshoot.

However, speaking at the launch of the new Aston Martin Vanquish, Bez said: "I can categorically say that we are not for sale. In the future - 2015, 2016, whenever - it is impossible to predict, but today it will not happen.

"Every day I am approached by someone making contact for someone else who they say is interested in the brand, but we are not working towards it. We are launching our best-ever car in the Vanquish, we have a more diverse, profitable product line than ever before and we have thrived during our six years of independence.

"We are a good news story and, for sure, people want to be part of that - but that also means we are looking to the future as we are and with confidence."

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Benj 4 October 2012

Or, they could buy a licence

Or, they could buy a licence from McLaren to use their monocell technology in a front wheel drive format. This would make particular sense for Aston as they sell a lot of convertables. 

Why not try and get a rebadged Ricardo engine while they are at it?

The economy of scales would make sense to both companies, and as Mclaren have vowed only to make mid engined cars, and as Aston only make front engined cars they are not direct comptetitors.

Never going to happen of course, but better than being taken over by some faceless German giant.


kcrally 2 October 2012

Must be those dodgy Kuwaiti

Must be those dodgy Kuwaiti investment banks. Very deep pockets. Who knows how profitable Aston Martin really is ?

TBC 2 October 2012


Dr. Bez comes from Porsche, so who do you think AM sees as the real competitor............