Currently reading: Tata secures £340m JLR loan
Funding to go towards the development of hybrid drivetrains

Tata has secured a £340 million European Investment Bank (EIB) loan for Jaguar Land Rover to fund the development of hybrid drivetrains and more energy-efficient bodies for its future cars.

The loan has been provided under the European Clean Transport Facility scheme and is part of JLR’s drive to lower its fleet CO2 emissions. The firm is developing an all-electric XJ and a range-extender hybrid version of the same car, technology which could also be applied to Land Rover models.

Ravi Kant, Tata Europe’s vice-president, said the loan was the latest part of Tata’s plan to secure the future of JLR and strengthen its balance sheet.

“This [loan] will support the progress of turnaround in Jaguar Land Rover's business in challenging market conditions, alongside cost-cutting measures, increase of volumes and the improved margins strategy currently being implemented by Jaguar Land Rover,” said Kant.

“We view Jaguar Land Rover as a key part of Tata Motors and we feel confident about its outlook for the future.”

Last year, Tata secured a £500m loan from various banks an investment groups as part of the firm’s restructuring process.

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kcrally 25 February 2010

Re: Tata secures £340m JLR loan

i am fed up with this ' lunatic labour ' party. i blame the goverment for the past 10 years. they will be sorry when they all loose in the elections. forget about saving JLR. its too late, too little. They have done next to nothing for ten years, except flying their tired old british flag. the country has completely sunk.

MattDB 25 February 2010

Re: Tata secures £340m JLR loan

Nice one Tata. Now you don't have to be blackmailed by the British Government as you got the cash from Brussells instead.

Lets hope the new and revitalised JLR become a technological tour de force which is a true return to their roots.