Currently reading: Shoppers get drink-drive warning
Graphic adverts in supermarkets warn of the dangers of drink-driving

Shoppers will be reminded about the dangers of drink-driving as graphic adverts in supermarket aisles become the latest method of deterrence to be used by police.

Images of twisted and dented vehicles will be on display at Sainsbury's Lancaster store, with others set to follow suit.

Police officers will also carry out two dedicated days of roadside stop-checks in the run-up to Christmas to clamp down on motorists who are over the limit.

Nigel Ralphson, from Lancaster's road policing unit, said: "It's not just about the obvious risks of drink-driving but the long-term impact a conviction for drink-driving would have."

Khidr Suleman

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4rephill 11 December 2009

Re: Shoppers get drink-drive warning

Good!, even if it only makes one person stop drink driving.

Sadly there are still too many deluded fools who think: "I can handle it", "I actually drive better after a few drinks" or "yeah, but thats not gonna happen to me!" and carry on putting the life of anyone around them at risk.

I think the police forces should go one step further and park the smashed up remains of drink drivers cars in every high street, with pictures from the scene of the accident and details of the aftermath for the families involved (with the name kept anonymous of course), with a message saying "------------ Police Force wish you all Merry Christmas, Just don't make it the last Christmas!. DON'T DRINK AND DRIVE! "

As for the drink drivers themselves, as part of their punishment, take them to a morgue to see the victim of drink driving (be it a driver, a passenger or an innocent pedestrian).

If they're a repeat offender, force them to watch an autopsy, then maybe they'll wake up to horror they risk everytime they get behind the wheel drunk.