Currently reading: Scrappage funds running out
Manufacturers withdraw from scheme as funds dry up

Car buyers hoping to take advantage of the government's £2000 scrappage incentive could miss out - even though the scheme is scheduled to run until the end of March.

Some of the major manufacturers involved have now closed their order books, having used up their funding allocations.

Fiat, Audi, Volkswagen, Hyundai and Kia said they have suspended scrappage orders after selling all the cars their cash allocation allowed under the programme.

The backlog of orders generated by the scheme is likely to see the final few hundred cars for each manufacturer used up in days.

However, Honda, Citroen and Peugeot have reported that they expect to continue the scheme until the end of the month.

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artill 16 March 2010

Re: Scrappage funds running out

disco.stu wrote:

i think that there are an awful lot of lovely cars which needn't have been scrapped, but there have also been thousands of old cars replaced with safer new cars.

Pretty much any car from the 1980s or 1990s does not have anything like the latest advances in ESP and multiple airbag systems that even the most basic new cars have. NCAP testing might not be perfect, but it has undoubtedly raised the bar for safety.

The question of overall eco-friendliness and economic benefit of the program is another debate altogether, but vehicle safety is one aspect of the scheme that needs to be acknowledged.

Do these little Korean things have ESP? But i agree generally most cars are much safer than the previous generations.

On another point, i would love to know what the 400,000 cars scrapped have been. How many thousands of escorts, etc, but also how many MK4 golfs, and how many proper classics.

catnip 16 March 2010

Re: Scrappage funds running out

I wonder what Autocar's take is on this, after all, they were one of the main players in lobbying the government to get scrappage introduced, encouraging us all (well, not me) to sign their petitions...

jonfortwo 16 March 2010

Re: Scrappage funds running out

Lee23404 wrote:

Now watch the Kia/Hyundai market share nose dive again.

We can live in hope