3500 people gather outside the firm’s Trollhättan factory in Sweden
12 January 2010

Thousands of Saab workers have gathered outside the firm’s Trollhättan factory in Sweden to demonstrate against General Motors’ decision to begin the closure of the company.

Up to 3500 people, equivalent to Saab’s entire Swedish workforce, turned out to show their support for the firm. Many carried placards in English reading “Mr Obama – please save Saab” and “Save Saab from GM, Gangster Motors.” The company’s employees also presented a letter that will be sent to GM CEO Ed Whitacre, which urges GM to sell Saab rather than close it.

Whitacre said yesterday that GM is closing the Swedish firm as none of the offers it has received for the company have been attractive enough.

Despite this, Saab restarted its production lines yesterday to commence production of the new 9-5 and to fulfil orders for the 9-3 and outgoing 9-5 (pictured).

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12 January 2010

This is a Joke - Shame on GM!

What is the Swedish Government doing in all of this? Maybe they should take a leaf out of the German Governments book re: Opel.

12 January 2010

What a shame. GM are killing SAAB just as they start production of their best car in a generation.

GM have admitted that none of the offers are better than a wind down but some offers are equal to it financially. Surely history wil be kinder to GM if they did the right thing to all the workers in Sweden and the global dealer network, plus the residual hammering existing owners will endure.

I suspect that GM willl shut down SAAB and mothball the name for it to reappear as a badge engineed brand made in their Buick factory in China, hence the recent fragmentation of the company into umpteen sub divisions and then slowly selling off the technology and tooling, leaving just the GM intellectual property, making SAAB worthless.

Ford and Volvo is proof about how to make a good job of automotive divorce, GM take note!!

12 January 2010

Gangster Motors, yes they are! but they are also a lot more than that...

saddly, they (GM) recognized that ditching (killing) a company car is the fastest way to become profitable, because if we judge by the words of another mafioso, without SAAB in this world, the probabilities to the remaining carmakers reach the 6 million production line that ensures profitability it`s a lot more easyer...

I just hope that SAAB by some way do not die, I also would like to have a chance to buy the next 9-5.

12 January 2010

They are starting the production line for a new car (which looks pretty good imo) just as the company is winding down? How does that work then? Who on earth is going to buy a new shape 9-5?


12 January 2010

Let SAAB release a price for the new 9-5 and watch the orders come in. I am convinced that SAAB would have over 10,000 orders within a month. That would keep OPEL busy, as they are still the only ones who can produce the paneling.

12 January 2010

[quote WooDz]Let SAAB release a price for the new 9-5 and watch the orders come in. I am convinced that SAAB would have over 10,000 orders within a month.[/quote]

You sure? Who would seriously put their own cash into the product of a car company which is not even in limbo, but in the process of disappearing? I just cant see it being chosen ahead of 5-series, E class, XF etc...


12 January 2010

[quote MattDB]I suspect that GM willl shut down SAAB and mothball the name for it to reappear as a badge engineed brand made in their Buick factory in China[/quote]

The name isn't even owned by GM, it is licenced from SAAB AB, the aircraft/defence company, now completely seperate. Agree though, risk is GM take this 9-5 and try to badge it as some top-line Opel/Buick or who knows what - the car is too good to be killed, so GM will want to retain it but badge it their own way.

Do the right thing GM, sell Saab.

12 January 2010

Good on the workers - if GM can't see what the potential consequences of SAAB's closure is, then they shouldn't be in charge of anything, let alone several car brands. SAAB need to survive, even if it's just for that gorgeous new 9-5 to be built (it looks fantastic on that production line!). It would be arrogant of GM to say 'no' to any offer in my opinion - any bid is better than simply shutting a company down for no apparent reason!

"The creative adult is the child who survived."

12 January 2010

workers unite - vote for your local communist party



13 January 2010

Trackdemon: Your right for the masses the 9-5 will not be chosen ahead of the top 3 German brands. That's always been the case. Sometimes I feel it has been more to do with following like lambs than actually picking a brand out of choice. Except for the XF which is just as good as the Germans, has more exclusivity and a statement of British heritage.

However I firmly believe there are enough die-hard SAAB fans out there to get an initial run of 9-5's. It would mean they bought one of the very last SAAB's ever produced. GM would still have to uphold the warranty. That's the difference in this wind-down. The process will actually take 5 years due to Warranty and Parts Guarantees. A statement made by Ed Whitacre himself.

I'm still hopeful of a buy out. I think with Merbanco, Genii and Spyker all tweaking their bids I'm sure we will have some good news at the end of the week. TBH Genii look better in my eyes but will Ecclestone in the picture it all seems a bit superficial. Who knows He's done the F1 thing and maybe this time, he wants something he can really call his own?

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