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Malaysian firm's chairman says talks with VW will be made public within a fortnight

Proton could become the latest firm to join forces with the Volkswagen Group, according to the Malaysian firm’s chairman.

Malaysian media has quoted Mohd Nazmi Mohd Salleh as saying outcome of talks between the two firms would be made public within the next fortnight.

“The outcome of talks with VW will be made public in two weeks time,” he said. “I don’t want to jump the gun.”

Proton has long been tipped as a likely candidate for VW to team up with as Proton could use some of its spare production capacity to build VW cars.

Proton could also rebadge some of VW’s older models for its domestic market.

Responding to the Proton chairman’s comments, VW told Reuters said there was no concrete plans for Malaysia and there were no developments or agreements in place at this stage.

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dennisthemenance 1 June 2010

Re: Proton in talks with VW

IMHO, VW will not buy into Proton. At best is merely a technical tie-up whereby VW will supply previous generation platforms & engines to Proton. VW will get to use the Proton's under capacity plant to assemble VW's cars for South East Asian market. As far as Proton is concerned, is god's gift. VW is developing a new range of platforms for her entire model range. Absolutely no reason for VW to buy into Proton. In doing so is not going to make VW the world's biggest car manufacturer over night & Proton has nothing to offer in the way of technology. Unlike Suzuki, VW bought a stake in her for her small car technology & her strong presence in the Indian market. Proton is so insignificant in the global market. If they are interested in Lotus, they might as well buy it off from Proton. For that matter, the Mal Govt may not be interested in selling the controlling stake in Proton because of national pride. Since owning Lotus for god knows how many years & what has Proton done to turn it into a more profitable outfit? Proton has immense problem of her own & survival is at stake here.

phildub 1 June 2010

Re: Proton in talks with VW

A tuned up 1.4tsi elise would be quite cool

Dark Isle 1 June 2010

Re: Proton in talks with VW

I wonder what Volkswagen's going to buy next... perhaps a small country? Look out Ireland!