Currently reading: 'Proton could sell Lotus' - Bahar
Lotus boss says selling the firm is a likely option for owner - once its launched several new cars

Group Lotus’s Malaysian owner, Proton, might consider selling the Hethel-based sports car maker to a major international car group that could provide the long-term backing it needs, according to Lotus CEO Dany Bahar.

The sale of the company would be an obvious option, says Bahar, once Lotus has launched several of the five proposed performance models it has planned, starting with the new Esprit V8 supercar in 2013.

“There are three clear options,” he said. “Proton could keep Lotus, float it off or sell it outright. It would be quite understandable if an owner that has invested so much wanted to see a return on its investment, especially if the buyer were a major car maker that could back Lotus for the long term.”

Bahar said Lotus is continuing to sell around 2700 cars a year and has met every one of its timetable and turnover targets. As a result, a recent visit to Lotus by Proton’s top management was “routine, with no surprises”.

Bahar made his comments ahead of Asian investment firms reporting that Proton should sell Lotus over the Christmas period.

As a vote of confidence, Proton bosses have extended Bahar’s own contract until at least 2015.


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strangerstate 25 June 2012

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Seized cars for sale through Government auctions are getting more and more well known these days because most consumers know how hard it can be to get a good deal on a used car.

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Maj1c 7 January 2012

Re: 'Proton could sell Lotus' - Bahar

Aston cannot afford to buy Lotus- they do not even have enough cash to launch new models until 2015... In fact more likely someone will buy them as their products are being left behind by their peers... Bahar needs to keep his mouth shut!. He does not decide what happens to Lotus- proton management do, they decide what options are viable. I sense he is keen for Proton to sell... Plus he should focus on getting the new models developed because the build quality of this next generation Lotuses/ customer service needs to jump tenfold to justify the prices they will be asking for

brian245 7 January 2012

Re: 'Proton could sell Lotus' - Bahar

toptidy wrote:
I mean, much as Autocar seem to rate the Evora would any of their staff actually put their own money into one when an M3 or AMG C Class is an option?