Alfa SUV crucial for US market; here by 2010
15 October 2008

This Autocar image shows how a new Alfa Romeo SUV could look when it arrives in 2010.The all-new Alfa Romeo 149, the front-drive Focus rival due for launch next year, will share its platform with the SUV, and could also underpin a bigger saloon and possibly even a new Coupé and Spider.Alfa bosses insist that the ultra-flexible platform, which will also be utilised in modified forms for Fiat and Lancia models, is starting life as a pure Alfa Romeo project. It is being used to create a “beautiful” Ford Kuga-sized SUV crossover which revives the 2003 Kamal concept. That idea was canned — it was certainly ahead of its time — but now Alfa believes that it must have a small SUV in its model line-up if its planned 2010 re-entry into the US is to get off to a flying start. The platform can also be used as a basis for a replacement for today’s 159 saloon, which will be lighter but no smaller.Meanwhile, the company is still believed to be in “super-secret” talks with Jaguar to source a rear-wheel drive platform for a bigger Alfa luxury saloon, for which it believes there would still be a demand. Fiat Group boss Sergio Marchionne invited Jaguar/Land Rover’s Ratan Tata to join the Fiat board last year, and the pair are understood still to be talking on the subject.

Steve Cropley

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15 October 2008

Porsche Cayenne meets Nissan Qashqai. Ho hum.

It has all become "spot the badge" because we don't know who made it.

If I want an autonomous car, I'll take a taxi.

15 October 2008

Absolutely stunning, just what Alfa Romeo needs to keep up with the competition (makes the Q5 look dull and boring), when can I order one..........................


16 October 2008

Not another bloody faux by faux. It looks like a Cayenne that got unwillingly shoe-horned into a Qashqai's red PVC dress that was 2 sizes too small and had a hard night out.

Another Jones competitive, derivative, automotive abhorrance that will be dynamically inferior and heavier than it's "on road" sister car...

It'll probably sell though. Did anybody else enjoy reading the Half Price Heros bit this week?

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