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German prosecutors raid 10 properties amid reports of a 'shutdown device' fitted to some diesel engines

Mitsubishi has come under investigation in Germany amid reports that some of its models are fitted with an emissions cheating device. 

German police raided 10 sites in several locations including Frankfurt, Hanover and Regensburg as part of the investigation. Among the companies being investigated is parts supplier Denso, producer of diesel injectors and pumps for Mitsubishi models, which is said to be co-operating with investigators. 

Three properties searched belong to manufacturing group Continental AG, which is reported to be listed as a witness in the case. 

An official statement from German prosecutors said: “There is a suspicion that the engines are equipped with a so-called shutdown device.” A similar component identified on 11 million Volkswagen Group models in 2014 sparked the notorious Dieselgate scandal.

A Mitsubishi spokesman in Germany confirmed to motoring magazine Automobilwoche that the company was under investigation but emphasised that Mitsubishi Europe, as an importer, isn't involved in development or production of new cars.

An official statement said: "Mitsubishi Motors will of course collaborate and contribute to this investigation."

The engines in question are 1.6-litre and 2.2-litre four-cylinder diesel units that were sold as conforming to Euro 5 and Euro 6 emissions requirements. German police have asked anyone who has acquired a car with either motor since 2014 to contact them. 

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sabre 23 January 2020

Unbelievable Conglomerate

Since Mr. Ghosn's episode, The conglomerate Renault Nissan Mitsubishi became unbelievable, i.e: difficult to be believed in. Something great and quick must be done in order to restore customer's confidence that is now covered with a thick cloud of emissions

si73 22 January 2020

Ok, cheers. I knew in the

Ok, cheers. I knew in the past they had their own engines in their 4x4s but thought their modern cars were all joint ventures.
si73 22 January 2020

I thought mitsubishi bought

I thought mitsubishi bought in diesel engines? Where are they made?
Jimbbobw1977 22 January 2020

si73 wrote:

si73 wrote:

I thought mitsubishi bought in diesel engines? Where are they made?

They did in some passenger cars - ironically at one point they had VAG 2.0 diesels..

The ones they are talking about the 1.6 I’m guessing is the PSA engine they used, they also used the 2.2 PSA engine but made their own 1.8 and 2.2 I understand

typos1 22 January 2020

si73 wrote:

si73 wrote:

I thought mitsubishi bought in diesel engines? Where are they made?

They did buy in some VAG ones and a PSA joint venture used the HDi units as someone else said, but Mitsubishi were actually a diesel engine leader at one point. Those buy ins were only stop gap solutions, they introduced a new range of diesels, including a 1.8 with variable valve timing and a 2.2 version. I ve not heard of their 1.6 so maybe the 1.8 is the one this article is referring to ?