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Students will be taught how to become good drivers, not just to pass the test

Mercedes has launched its own young driver’s academy, designed to teach its students to become good drivers.

Students aged 12 and above will be able to take part in a variety of modules at Mercedes-Benz World in Surrey, which are adapted according to the driver’s age and ability.

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These include journey planning, dealing with peer pressure in the car, personal motivations, time pressures, health and well-being and social influences.

Risk assessment and prevention will also be taught in a variety of practical and role-play situations.

Qualified drivers can also take part in modules which go beyond the standard driving test, including practical simulations of emergency situations.

A similar scheme in Sweden has helped reduce accident rates by 40 per cent among drivers who had taken part in the Swedish Young Drivers Initiative.

Mercedes-Benz is hoping for a similar reduction in accidents among drivers who took part in its scheme, as currently one in three accidents on British roads involve a driver aged 25 and under.

Peter O’Halloran, managing director of Mercedes-Benz World, said: “The Mercedes-Benz Driving Academy provides young people with the skills and thought based experiences that go beyond the requirements of just passing the driving test and prepares them for the actual demands of driving on the public roads, making them better and safer drivers when they have their licence.”

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