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Daimler boss calls for more joint projects between Mercedes and BMW

Daimler CEO Dieter Zetsche has given the clearest indication yet that Mercedes and BMW are planning to co-develop future models, increasing the likelihood that the underpinnings of the next A-class and B-class models will be shared with future Minis.

Zetsche told reporters that Mercedes’ parent company Daimler and BMW were examining the possibility of much closer links than the recently announced parts-sharing deal.

Mercedes and BMW announce part-merger plans

“In general, I only see a few areas where working together is in principle out of the question,” said Zetsche.

“It's clear that we are two independent companies whose success in the market depends on the strength of our brands, so brand integrity is a cardinal imperative. This has to be considered at all times but it is not something that would prevent broad co-operation.”

BMW and Mercedes are also co-operating on the development of joint hybrid technology.

Matt Rigby

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