New McLaren supercar is being developed with F1 techniques
13 November 2009

McLaren is using F1-style development techniques on the MP4-12C during an extensive testing regime that's taken the car from Germany’s Nurburgring to the Arctic Circle.

Details have emerged of the development programme, which is at its halfway point and is being orchestrated by the McLaren Technology Centre in Woking.

McLaren MP4-12C revealedSee the car on video

The 2009 testing programme has involved heavy mileage at the Nurburgring and Dunsfold Aerodrome. The car has also been cold-weather testing in the Arctic and tested for heat durability in Bahrain.

All the information is fed back to the MTC, where simulation and rapid engineering processes – core aspects of the Formula 1 team testing – are employed to recalibrate the test cars within hours.

“I am really proud of what the team has achieved this year,” said Dick Glover, technical director at McLaren Automotive, who is responsible for the 50-strong testing and development team and the eight development cars that have featured in the 2009 programme.

“Having to develop a brand new range of cars from scratch to the standards expected of McLaren, featuring groundbreaking new structures and powertrain, is the ultimate challenge and one we are relishing.”

Chris Goodwin, chief test driver at McLaren Automotive, said lessons gleaned from both the racing team and the iconic F1 road car are being used on the new MP4-12C.

“We are the most successful ever motor racing team, we designed and built one of the world’s most iconic sports cars in the McLaren F1, and pioneered carbonfibre development on race and road cars,” he added.

“We took those standards into the development programme for the MP4-12C in order to launch a new high-performance sports car comparable with past achievements and offering new levels of performance for the future.”

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13 November 2009

Someone please explain to my how McLaren are the most successful ever racing team? I know there's more to the motor racing world than just F1 but really..... Does this guy live inside Tech Centre in Woking without news from the outside world? Is this how Ron creates super engineers by adopting children and raising them to build his cars? It wouldn't surprise me. But McLaren being more successful than Ferrari in a definitive way, that would surprise me. I'm not saying it's not true, just wondering if someone knows the facts off the top of their head. Or has time to research it for me. I doubt this car will be better than the 458. And it's not 'super' looking. There, i said it.

13 November 2009

I wondered the same thing. Maybe he's talking numbers of f1 wins to races. In which case they may be the most sucessfull, as at times Ferrari have competed and won nothing for fairly long periods of time. Wheras I think Mclaren have a lot more wins to races..

Although wouldn't that make Brawn the most sucessfull team ever.

13 November 2009

i was also wondering the same thing.

Even if you just look at Formula One, they fall well short of Ferrari's title tally. Plus, although i don't know how many times Ferrari has won at Le Mans, i do know it was many times more than once...

And i really hate the over-use of the word 'iconic'. Although i agree that the F1 was an awesome machine.

13 November 2009

"we are this" ...... ," we did this".......," we were the first".....


13 November 2009

"We are the most successful ever motor racing team"

In your dreams, maybe...

13 November 2009

[quote RednBlue]

"We are the most successful ever motor racing team"


McLaren is a victim of its own success and is caught between a rock and a hard place in this regard.

In the last ten years, McLaren has become a race-winning team but not exactly a champion-winning team. I hope they will win everything in 2010..........and beyond!

13 November 2009

[quote pabs]"we are this" ...... ," we did this".......," we were the first".....[/quote]

This is self promotion- something you would expect any commercial entity to do..... what did you expect them to say " We are just a mediocre car firm"

What a pointless comment

13 November 2009

[quote disco.stu]i don't know how many times Ferrari has won at Le Mans[/quote]

9 times. Macca errrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr 1.

13 November 2009

[quote Autocar]Having to develop a brand new range of cars from scratch to the standards expected of McLaren, featuring groundbreaking new structures and powertrain, is the ultimate challenge and one we are relishing.[/quote]

Now that is, to say the least, an extremely 'interesting' statement. How many patents did they file during or, for that matter, after the development of this car?

13 November 2009

To be fair to Mclaren they have won 15 F1 WC titles against Ferarri's 18. So it's fair to say that they are better than Lamborgini (who have won what exactly?), Aston and all those other minnows like Pagani.


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