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Dany Bahar has been suspended from his role as chief executive officer at Lotus, DRB Hicom has confirmed
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25 May 2012

Dany Bahar has been suspended from his role as chief executive officer at Group Lotus following a complaint about his conduct, parent company DRB Hicom has confirmed.

The confirmation follows an afternoon of speculation over Bahar’s future. Bahar was due to be at the Monaco Grand Prix today, but missed appointments at the event. Reports suggest he was instead called to Malaysia, where he was given news of his suspension.

DRB Hicom said it made the decision following an operational review, and staff at Lotus’s Hethel, Norfolk headquarters were informed earlier today. Nobody other than Bahar has been suspended.

Although no details of the investigation have been revealed, sources have indicated that Bahar will be welcome to return to his position if the investigation finds no fault on his part. It is not clear how long the investigation will take.

“Group Lotus plc (“Lotus”) can today confirm that, following an operational review, chief executive Dany Bahar has been temporarily suspended from his role to facilitate an investigation into a complaint about his conduct made by Lotus’ penultimate parent company, DRB-Hicom Berhad,” a DRB Hicom statement said.

“The penultimate holding company would like to stress it is business as usual at Lotus,” a DRB Hicom spokesman added to the Norwich Evening News. “We fully support the company and will continue to support Lotus in its business endeavours and development.”

In Bahar’s absence, DRB Hicom has handed running of Lotus’s day-to-day affairs to Dato’ Lukman Ibrahim, Mohd Khalid Yusof and Aslam Farikulla. Current CFO Rusman Zaihan will assist them.

Bahar joined Lotus from Ferrari in September 2009, and launched an ambitious programme to launch up to six new models and make the Norfolk car manufacturer profitable. These were all revealed at the Paris motor show in 2010.

The Lotus five-year plan, as Bahar christened it, has evolved in the 20 months since. Lotus has since started development of its own engine and gearbox, and has focused development on just one new model, the Esprit, while continuing to improve the current range of Elise, Exige and Evora models.

But the future of Lotus has been in limbo since parent firm Proton was sold to Malaysian automotive investor DRB Hicom earlier this year.

A spending freeze was placed on Lotus while auditing work was carried out. That 60-day period has elapsed with no news on DRB Hicom’s long-term decision on Lotus.

However, Lotus has been able to continue development of the Esprit and restore production since the spending freeze was lifted.


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25 May 2012

Some poor bugger will have to pick up the pieces now . Would not want that job for all the tea in China . Whoever takes over best be prepared for an empty kitty and a lot of skeletons in the cupboard or was that rappers .

Lets hope his successor is an engineer who can get the company back on its feet .

25 May 2012

So at last the penny has dropped, this man's approach to running Lotus was so outrageous , his reported life style to profligate , and yet just about every journalist fell at his feet. I seriously began to wonder if it was me getting old and out of step, but with this news, hopefully not ? Anyway, maybe that's why some of us start businesses , design and make things, and some of us write about the things others do .

25 May 2012

BWHAHAHAHAHA, hands up of you didn't see this coming! What a complete moron that man is, just a shame he has probably crippled lotus. 

25 May 2012

Vidge 123 wrote:

BWHAHAHAHAHA, hands up of you didn't see this coming! What a complete moron that man is, just a shame he has probably crippled lotus. 

In what way is he a moron? Reading various magazine interview's with him he came across to me as very intelligent and with real flair and a eye for detail. He seemed very commited to turning Lotus around. 

25 May 2012

Quelle surprise!

25 May 2012

Yeah lets all cheer another company with British heritage is on the rocks.

Keep going lads you will drive them all down soon and we can all drive foreign cars and contribute to other economys then moan when were all out of work because all the jobs have gone abroad.

And obviously we could all do a better job from our arm chairs couldn't we? Lets put it out there, who on the forum is a CEO or has relevent experience to judge what Danny has done wrong since being at lotus?

Evora and esprit in the pipeline seems like progress to me from a manufacturer that was a one model range not so long ago.

You'll all start moaning about JLR products getting good reviews soon....... oh wait you already do!

26 May 2012

iamthestig ,

I dont particularly care about who owns what . What I do care about is incompetance . The problem is when its the CEO it takes along time for the penny to drop .

Bahar is a confidence trickster and to a degree you need that to pick up an ailing company . However you can only get away with BS for a short period of time and it needs to be backed up with substance . I would say Bahar was on completely the wrong track spending far too much on non core business and not looking at Lotus strengths tuning and engineering lightweight cars .

OK so money was tight so why try to develop many new cars and a new engine when what needed to be done was to evolve the existing products . As for wacky ideas about partnerships with Mansory and Swiss Beatz these just proved the man was completely off his trolley .

The first thing I would have done would be listen to the existing senior Engineers and design team then maybe had a look at why Morgan is so successful where Lotus is failing . And yes I think Morgan is similar in engineering terms . They buy in most of their engines gearboxes etc as they are small . However they are well managed and totally committed to their products and staff .

Bahar was soooo obviously a seagull and I suspect in the next few weeks it will be revealed he was even worse than we think now . 

25 May 2012

Most people here have great enthusiasm and truly care about the future of Lotus. Those of us with some life experience have been horified by what this most profligate individual has done to make the once great company a complete laughing stock. I've spent plenty of my own money supporting Lotus over the years, so please don't judge us as people who want the company to fail . The problem is the damage Bahar has done is going to take a huge amount of time and money to rectify.

25 May 2012

Maybe Dany Bahar was caught with his pants down, smoking pot, drinking heavily, fiddling his expenses. (quite normal behaviour).

25 May 2012

As said before, he had the press at his feet, Cropley, Holder, Metcalfe, Barry, every major magazine in the UK in fact, and they remained in that position even when his "factual interviews" were proven to be more than a little wide of the mark. This month's edition of Car Magazine looks like a Bahar fasion shoot. 

But what has he achieve other than winning over the press ? He's spent a spectacular amount of other peoples's money, his wined and dined celebs, spent a fortune on the track at Hethal,

He's ruthlessly promoted himself over Lotus, his employer. The revised models recieving rave reviews are  ( if you believe the Forums ), Mike Kimberly cars, previously cancelled by Bahar.

Whatever good press his association with Swizz Beatz has brought the Company in the US, it's been well and truly negated by his Indycar engine fiasco, being taken to court in the US by a Penske is not smart.

The court case against Tony Fernades of Caterham Cars would not have been cheap, and brought about a great result for Fernandes.

I'm personally looking forward greatly to seeing how Cropley and Co "reposition" themselves in next weeks issue .


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