Currently reading: Honda makes £1.9bn profit
Japanese car maker predicts surge in sales this year
Mark Tisshaw
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29 April 2010

Honda has announced a £1.9 billion profit for the fiscal year ending 31 March.

The profit is based on £46bn of sales - a 96 per cent rise year-on-year.

Honda also reported a £509m profit for the first quarter of this year, on the back of a 28 per cent growth in sales.

Honda says the sales success is chiefly on the back of rising sales in China and India, as well as recovering markets in the US and Europe.

It has also predicted further growth, projecting a £2.4bn profit on gross sales of £66bn.

Honda is predicting sales of 3.6 million cars this year - up from 3.4 million last year.


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29 April 2010

They'll be wanting to get in to F1 next.......

29 April 2010

I would like to see how their UK and European figures. Although an improvement from last year I still think Honda is lagging compared to the competition. This again is from what I see on the roads now.

I have a bad vibe about their Swindon operations.

29 April 2010

[quote shortbread]I have a bad vibe about their Swindon operations. [/quote]

There are a huge number of the new Jazz around here, (and i dont live in Bournmouth) and a fair number of new Civics. Dont see too many new CRV though. I doubt Swindon is at risk.

And i suspect most of what they make they export, and the low value of the pound cant hurt that.

29 April 2010

[quote artill]Dont see too many new CRV though[/quote]

Quite a popular car in the affluent villages around Stirlingshire and Perthshire.

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