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Honda's focus in Europe shifts to diesel as company confirms no new Insight and CR-Z models for UK
Darren Moss
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26 February 2014

Honda's Insight and CR-Z have been axed in the UK. Company officials confirmed to Autocar that Honda will no longer be importing either the Insight or CR-Z into this country.

Reports also suggest Honda will be ending production of the Insight in Japan, with European dealers told to sell off their remaining stocks of the petrol-electric hybrid.

The first Insight was launched in 1999, becoming the first hybrid vehicle to go on sale in Europe. Its success was short-lived however, with the more successful Toyota Prius launched in September 2000.

According to industry journal Automotive News Europe, Honda had sold 280,629 units of the Insight globally by the end of 2013, with over 157,000 of those being sold in Japan. Figures from analysts Jato Dynamics show European sales of the Insight fell by 62 per cent in 2013.

While its short-term focus will now shift to its diesel range, Honda could expand its hybrid offering again as soon as 2015 when the new Jazz goes on sale. Badged as the Fit outside the UK, the new car will be offered with a 1.0-litre three-cylinder turbocharged engine in standard form, but is also likely to be available as a hybrid. 

The hybrid Jazz is tipped to use a 1.5-litre engine mated to an electric motor, generating a combined 133bhp.


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26 February 2014
Wow. With the demise of the CRZ, Honda is now a retailer of boring house bricks masquerading as personal mobility devices.

If it weren't for the bike division they would have to scrap the 'Power of Dreams' advertising.

The new Type-R cannot come soon enough to stop this slide into white goods supply.

Even the lawnmowers are more exciting than the cars!

26 February 2014
Unfortunately I have to agree... Honda lost its mojo.
The Senna/Prost developed NSX is so long ago now that it only lives on in the "Power of Dreams".


26 February 2014
I can't say I'm surprised by either car being withdrawn - neither are a regular sight on our roads.

I had to pop into my local Honda dealer last week with my CR-V and I had another look around the CR-Z whilst I was in there. It's a nice little car, but the one in the showroom was north of £25k - who's going to pay that for something with so little room and power? They should have ditched the hybrid drivetrain, dropped in a 1.6 vtec and lowered the price.

26 February 2014
The CR-Z was a very cool car,it's such a shame Honda did not just decide to sell it as a petrol car to keep the cost down & match the looks with some refined performance.

Honda is heading down a very boring & dangerous road!

26 February 2014
The CR-Z came across as such a wasted opportunity - I had an early CRX 1.6 VTEC and it's still one of the best cars I've owned from a drivers perspective. With Hondas ability with the Civic Type R it wouldnt have been too difficult to take it up a notch and put a sexier body on it, but they had to go with the slow heavy eco hybrid option instead, such a shame.

26 February 2014
Used to love my Hondas in the 90's, Honda was always a stop-gap between mainstream and premium. Sat in a Insight last time I was in a Honda dealership ( probably six or seven years ago ) and couldn't believe how cheap and nasty the plastics were - I mean we're talking 1970's Japanese quality. The light colours made the plastics look even more flimsy. I'd gone in to showroom to look at the Accord, for which there were none on display. Surely the Accord is next on the struck-off list? Used to be a very popular car, you never see them now. Life must be hard for a Honda salesman.

26 February 2014
I was tempted with a CR-Z, and have been waiting for the version with more power, which of course never came. What we get is very overpriced compared to a Euro hot hatch (Fiesta ST, Pug 208 gti etc). Yet with the CR-Z gone Honda have not one thing to get me into the showroom. And they have nothing on the horizon to change that. R.I.P. Honda in the UK

26 February 2014
Honda's mild-hybrid system makes more sense paired with a turbocharged engine to help cover any turbo lag. Make the hybrid a performance enhancement, not just a way to increase economy and decrease emissions during tests that don't translate to everyday driving.

I hope to see Honda making the Civic 5 door only and a new CRX as the 3 door variant with a turbocharged hybrid engine and really milking the McLaren connection.

Hell, get a skunkworks team to fit the McLaren 178bhp electric motor from the P1/Formula E in the Jazz and Civic with a small engine acting as a generator.

26 February 2014
A family friend was recently appointed sales manager at a local Honda dealership. I do not envy her one bit.

27 February 2014
Have to agree with CornishGreg and others ... The crux of the Honda range is pitiful ... The Jazz (a misnomer if ever there was one), Civic (will they ever give it a pretty face?) and Accord (blink-and-miss styling) are woeful and only the slightly-interesting CR-V keeps interest alive ... As Myk says, the CR-Z is the jewel in this whole mess, but it has the wrong drivetrain ...

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