The French government will move to limit access to diesel-engined vehicles from next year, with the launch of a new car identification system
Darren Moss
1 December 2014

Diesel-engined vehicles could be gradually phased out in France as the country seeks to improve its average CO2 emissions and reduce pollution in its cities.

French Prime Minister Manuel Valls announced a new car identification system which will be used from next year to keep track of the dirtiest vehicles in the country. Local authorities could then use the data to limit access for diesel-powered cars and vans.

Announcing the new system, Valls called the French people's favour of diesel-powered cars "a mistake", saying: "We will progressively undo that, intelligently and pragmatically." It is thought that around 80 per-cent of French motorists drive diesel-powered vehicles.

As well as bringing in new measures to lower the tax advantage on diesel cars, the government will also be increasing the so-called TICPE excise tax on diesel by two per cent, bringing in an extra €807 million.

France's measures are yet another sign that the dominance of diesel in Europe could be about to end. Experts have already warned that a combination of stringent EU emissions legislation, rises in diesel fuel prices and increasingly efficient petrol engines could lead to a decline in diesel-engined vehicles.

Europe has historically been the largest consumer of diesel-powered cars, with some 55 per cent of vehicles running diesel engines.

Such measures could also be repeated in the UK, with plans for a new Ultra Low Emissions Zone in the capital gathering pace. The zone could be introduced in central London from 2020, and would likely heavily tax those using diesel-powered vehicles not meeting the latest EU emissions standards.

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1 December 2014
Rattle In Peace that is. Wonder if Renault were pushing for this as they're quite keen on the Plug-In at the moment and for the Future.

typos1 - Just can’t respect opinion

1 December 2014
As with so many revolutions the French seem to be leading the World. Of course it will not be long before the revolution sweeps across the Channel. Having looked at the TFL proposals for charging drivers of diesels in London that are not at least EU6 compliant I suspect that in 2 years or so the trade-in values of diesels across the South East will collapse. By the time the other major cities realise they can make money out of the idea too the rest of the UK will follow suit. If they start to include EU6 and 7 diesels I would not like to be the person who just bought a BMW 330d or Mercedes-Benz E350 CDi on a 64 plate trying to change cars in 2018. It will also make the decisions of companies like Mercedes-Benz and Volkswagen who are only offering diesel engines in the main (M-B C- and E-Class) or solely (VWs' new Passat) look very short-sighted.

1 December 2014
Renault have electric cars
Who is the largest elecitrical supplier in France EDF
Linked at all by any chance.
Watch out Britain we are next.....

1 December 2014
VW and MB offer petrol in other markets. It's only marketing that decided not to offer it in the UK, due to our current CO2 company tax laws which look out of date now.




1 December 2014
I bet PSA are well chuffed considering they with Ford produce vast amounts of diesel engines for their own cars plus JLR and Volvo, and they are shortly losing JLR and Volvo as their own engines come on stream. I think Volvos decision to only produce 4 pot engines and hybrids is beginning to look a very good move given the tightening of emissions tests and regulations. It soon going to be very difficult to get rid of 6 or more cylinder engined cars on the second hand market, especially in Europe. Small capacity high performance engines coupled with hybrid system are the future, like it or not.

1 December 2014
I noticed recently that our Prius had actually gone up in value in the last six months. I wonder why that is? I don't get to be smug because the value of our diesel Mondeo is falling like a drunk on Friday night. But if you are about to buy a car soon, you could do a lot worse than a petrol hybrid.


1 December 2014
I for one cant wait.....would be thrilled not to hear that dull rattly tractor throb in every other car...not to mention the bloody awful stench as they drive past...!
Fuel of the devil.

1 December 2014
At least Renault can flog their unwanted diesel engines to Mercedes-Benz...

1 December 2014
It has started already. The article itself changes from "will" to "could" in the course of a few sentences. Good for stirring up people without actually saying anything.

1 December 2014
Nothing like forcing people to spend money that they don't have on new cars to get the economy going! Leave it to the French to use governmental control and coercion to pump money into an economy destroyed by government control and coercion.


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