Currently reading: France plans diesel engine cull in fight over pollution
The French government will move to limit access to diesel-engined vehicles from next year, with the launch of a new car identification system

Diesel-engined vehicles could be gradually phased out in France as the country seeks to improve its average CO2 emissions and reduce pollution in its cities.

French Prime Minister Manuel Valls announced a new car identification system which will be used from next year to keep track of the dirtiest vehicles in the country. Local authorities could then use the data to limit access for diesel-powered cars and vans.

Announcing the new system, Valls called the French people's favour of diesel-powered cars "a mistake", saying: "We will progressively undo that, intelligently and pragmatically." It is thought that around 80 per-cent of French motorists drive diesel-powered vehicles.

As well as bringing in new measures to lower the tax advantage on diesel cars, the government will also be increasing the so-called TICPE excise tax on diesel by two per cent, bringing in an extra €807 million.

France's measures are yet another sign that the dominance of diesel in Europe could be about to end. Experts have already warned that a combination of stringent EU emissions legislation, rises in diesel fuel prices and increasingly efficient petrol engines could lead to a decline in diesel-engined vehicles.

Europe has historically been the largest consumer of diesel-powered cars, with some 55 per cent of vehicles running diesel engines.

Such measures could also be repeated in the UK, with plans for a new Ultra Low Emissions Zone in the capital gathering pace. The zone could be introduced in central London from 2020, and would likely heavily tax those using diesel-powered vehicles not meeting the latest EU emissions standards.

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malah1de 1 November 2015

totally misleading

The fact that petrol engines also emit NOx and particulates seems too have been ignored in the anti-diesel hysteria. Euro 6 was intended to require DI petrol engines to be fitted with PDF gear, so that the invisible
Llandudnoboy 25 January 2015

Hammering diesel Again

Everyone wants to secretly forget the nasty components associated with the manufacture of petroleum.

Petrol contains Benzene and other harmful products.
Granted Diesel is not that environmentally friendly stuff, but lets play on a level plane field.

Both Petrol and Diesel are harmful to our environment.

If your going to penalise one fuel because its polluting our atmosphere, do likewise to Petrol as well.

Both fuels contain nasties that are harmful.

coppbe 3 December 2014

Lack of awareness

Diesel isn't being ditched to improve CO2, thus reducing climate change. It is being ditched because of AIR POLLUTION and the HEALTH IMPACT from the particulate matter PM10 / PM 2.5 and the Nitrogen Oxides that come from a diesel exhaust. Diesel actually has (marginally) better CO2 emissions which is why there are so many diesel cars now, road fund licence is based solely on CO2 so they are cheaper to tax and with better fuel economy, makes it an obvious choice for many fleets. This shouldn't come as a surprise though, the EU set limits 6 years ago to control these pollutants but France, like the UK, ignored the directive and are now forced to act under law. It is barbaric that 60,000 people die prematurely in the UK because of diesel pollution and yet there is so little awareness and concern amongst the general public.