US workers offered incentives to leave company, as it fights over-employment
22 December 2009

Ford has offered its 41,000 US hourly workers incentives to quit in a bid to reduce its factory costs.

The company has more workers than it needs to produce cars at current sales levels, and is offering staff with at least one year's service $50,000 (£31,167) cash and either a $25,000 voucher to buy a Ford vehicle or $20,000 extra cash.

Retirement-eligible workers can take the buyout but must wait up to 18 months before retiring.

The retirement package includes $40,000 for skilled and $20,000 for non-skilled employees.

Workers have until 22 January to accept the offer.

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22 December 2009

Shouldn't that read Ford's "$50K" and not "£50K". Big difference.

22 December 2009

Right, at the risk of being accused of spin (possibly even by myself), $50k plus $25k = £47k, which for the purposes of a headline I've put as £50k.

As it's (almost) Christmas, if the forum is overwhelmed with complaints, I'll change it...

Jim Holder

Editorial Director, Autocar

22 December 2009

[quote Jim Holder] As it's (almost) Christmas, if the forum is oevrwhelmed with complaints, I'll change it... [/quote]

Well...........shouldn't that be overwhelmed?

I'll get me coat.....

£50k is fine by me, incidentally.

If I want an autonomous car, I'll take a taxi.

22 December 2009

I'd bite their arm off


I'm The Ωmega Man, always talking to myself

23 December 2009

This is the difference between employment law in the US and UK, over here you can be let go with pretty much no notice if you have worked for less than 2 years and after that they only need pay you a week for each full year of service.

That's why jobs are easily removed from the UK, and its all Labours fault by changing the law to attract all the foreign business's at the start of their reign.

If I was offered this deal I would take it, and for those who have only been their a year then they will think its Christmas come early.

28 December 2009

Howcome they have workers that have only been there a year anyway?

Ford has had HUGE debts for the last few years so its crazy that they have carried on employing more and more people whilst supposedly undertaking a massive cost cutting programme.

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