Currently reading: Firms in for Lotus engine
Three major manufacturers have shown an interest in Lotus's radical range-extender engine

Lotus Engineering claims to have had “significant” interest in its range-extender engine from three major car manufacturers.

Lotus is now working with Spanish major components supplier Fagor Ederlan to develop the engine for production. “There is interest from several companies in 5000 to 10,000 units annually,” said chief project engineer Lee Jeffcoat.

A number of small-scale car makers have also made inquiries about taking delivery of 100 to 1000 engines a year, he added.

Lotus has substantially redesigned the three-cylinder petrol engine following its experience with the Jaguar Limo-Green, Proton EMAS and Lotus Evora 414E hybrid prototypes, and in response to feedback from potential buyers.

The engine is more compact and can be installed vertically, horizontally under a floor, or at any angle in between.

Normally aspirated and supercharged versions are now being engineered, with mechanical boost favoured over an exhaust-driven blower for cooling and complexity reasons.

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