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Union dispute prompts Fiat to threaten a production move
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22 July 2013

Fiat boss Sergio Marchionne has threatened to move production of future Alfa Romeo, Jeep and Fiat models out of Italy after a dispute with an Italian trade union. 

Metalworkers’ union Fiom won a legal ruling against Fiat, which had refused to allow it to represent factory workers in negotiations for more flexible working conditions. Reports say that Marchionne had been approving new investments as each Italian factory agreed to new working arrangements.

Ultimately, if no deal with the unions is forthcoming, the new Maserati SUV and 2015 Alfa Giulia could be built in the US and the Fiat and Jeep baby SUVs in Serbia. 


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Soren Lorenson 23 July 2013


Despite my comment above I would suggest the Union bosses take a trip to Longbridge to see what the result of years of industrial unrest can achieve.  A housing estate, shopping centre and a small, Chinese owned car factory.  Very sad.

jonboy4969 22 July 2013

I think sometimes Unions are

I think sometimes Unions are more trouble than they are worth, and IF Foat do pull out of Italy it will continue the downfall of the Italian economy, no one worries that Mercs, BMW's VW etc are built elsewhere in the world so no one will worry about these cars being built elsewhere.

Fiat Group are doing very nicely thank you very much with the vast resources of Chrylsler and profits, the company as a whole is very nicely placed to expand further and is at least gotten a great standing financially.

I like the current Alfa range and I cant see either of these models disappearing anytime soon, they bring in too much revenue, revenue which keeps the cash flow, flowing, and sales that keep the brand alive, and with the new stunning 4C and saloon and SUV models coming its all looking very good. 

LP in Brighton 22 July 2013

Surely not a viable option

The only reason I can see to buy a Fiat or Alfa is because they are Italian - part of the charm is that you're buying the herritage and a small piece of Italy. Loose that and the brand is effectively dead.

I can only hope that Marchionne is not being serious.

289 22 July 2013

@LP in Brighton

I agree LP, without the Italian heritage why buy a Fiat! Although I don't agree with xxxx on the is one of the unsung stars of the range, and IMO a better car than the 500! Despite sharing platforms.

  I think Marchionne is playing hardball with the unions who, as in the UK during the 70's, are strangling the life out of Fiat.....I remember seeing an interview with Marchionne where he said not a single Euro of Fiat profit is made in Italy from its is the newer factories in other countries which operate  at a profit...he could therefore close all the Italian factories and increase profits instantly . I doubt that the Italian Government such as they are, would allow that to happen when you look at the number of people it employs.

Soren Lorenson 23 July 2013

Built in Italy

"The only reason I can see to buy a Fiat or Alfa is because they are Italian - part of the charm is that you're buying the herritage and a small piece of Italy. Loose that and the brand is effectively dead."

I don't think so...I think the reason most sane people AVOID buying an Alfa is BECAUSE they are made in Italy.  Imagine being able to buy a car as beautiful as the Alfa 159 that was actuall put together in the correct order, possibly with a 5 year warranty to demonstrate its manufacturers confidence.

Most of us would rejoice in being able to buy an Alfa that wasn't built in Italy!

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