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LA motor show launch in November for Fiat in the US; 500 and 500C models tipped for launch

The Fiat brand will be re-launched in the US at the Los Angeles auto show in November, nearly 28 years after the Italian carmaker ended sales in North America.

The firm is expected to unveil the federalised version of their Fiat 500 city car in both hatchback and cabrio forms. Although Fiat is said to be looking for dealers in 41 states, there’s no news as to what further Fiat models will be sold in the US.

Fiat, which now has effective control of Chrysler Jeep, has had a long association with the US, establishing a factory in the country as long ago as 1908. But it pulled the plug on sales in January 1983 after selling just 14,113 vehicles in 1982.

By 1982 only the Fiat Strada was offered in the US, alongside the 124 Spider (which had been on sale in the US since 1968) and X1/9 mid-engined roadster.

At the point Fiat exited the US, X1/9 production was handed over to Bertone in 1982 and imports continued into America until 1987 by which time the model was 15 years old. The Spider continued as the Pininfarina Spider Azzura in the US until 1985.

Fiat has also something of an image-building job to do in America. Despite its long absence from the new car market, the company's 2009 takeover of Chrysler was met by some amazement in the US, where Fiat’s old reputation for poor quality is still remembered, alongside its widely used US nickname ‘Fix It Again, Toni’.

Hilton Holloway

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Locknload66 19 August 2010

Re: Fiat back in the US after 27 years

The "Fix it again, Tony" is not just an American thing.

Over in the UK its "Fix it again Tomorrow"

I have to say I bought my Daughter a new 08 Punto and it is a fantastic car, and it shares virtually all of its moving parts with the highly admired Vauxhall Corsa, which was THE small car to have in 2007/2008 season.

I am sure some of the smaller Fiats will do very well in the US.

The Americans dont realise that FIAT is a much better company than Chrysler/Jeep and although they have both produced really really bad cars over the years, my guess is Fiat have made generally better examples than Chrysler/Jeep.

I still think Chysler/Jeep is the motoring equivalent of an Amstrad Computer, an MFI kitchen, or a Betamax video player.

PRODIGY 19 August 2010

Re: Fiat back in the US after 27 years

I think Fiat should do a rebodied 5dr 500, badge it as a Chrysler, and style it like that concept Chrysler did years ago, can't remember what it was called, it may have been the CCV?

jackjflash 19 August 2010

Re: Fiat back in the US after 27 years

philcUK wrote:
Yep, the Ford acronym gets batted around quite regularly stateside as well as in Australia where it also gets used a lot.

Some things never change, in the states it Chevy vs. Ford and down under Holden vs. Ford.