Currently reading: 'Fast charge' system launched
Electric cars to benefit from new roadside recharging technology in UK

One of the UK’s leading suppliers of charging points for electric cars has launched two new products, including the first ‘fast charge’ unit to be offered in this country.

Infracharge Technologies Plc has launched the two charging points under its new Chargemaster brand. The flagship product is the FastCharge, which can charge two cars simultaneously at more than twice the speed that London’s 200 existing charging points can manage. FastCharge delivers a 32-amp (7kW) current.

Also launched by the firm is HomeCharge. This is the firm’s first charging point designed specifically for home use and uses low-cost night-time electricity tariffs to cut the cost of charging at home by up to 70 per cent.

HomeCharge can also remotely turn on a car’s heating system 15 minutes before use to defrost the car without using battery charge.

In June the firm will use an updated version of its standard DuoCharge unit, which is installed on streets and in public car parks. Modifications include redesigned electronics and a new hi-res screen.

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Lesbert 15 April 2010

Re: 'Fast charge' system launched

This is such a fast developing technology.

Pity all the authorities who have already installed first generation recharging stations.

WooDz 15 April 2010

Re: 'Fast charge' system launched

Jeeez this is such a waste of money