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Dyson to stick to vacuum cleaners; no plans to develop a car
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25 June 2008

Dyson has denied rumours it is working on an electric car.A spokeswoman confimed that Dyson had no plans to design such a vehicle, contrary to a report in the Independent newspaper that the vacuum cleaner manufacturer was working on a new generation of fast, green cars.“James [Dyson] did say that our new digital motor could power a car,” said a company spokeswoman, “but we are not working on, and have no plans to create an electric car.”

Vicky Parrott


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25 June 2008

I don't see why not. I am sure they would clean up the market if they tried.

Oh, I sooooooooo wanted to say that, guff though it was.

25 June 2008

It would definately suck.

3 October 2012

They should be more specific about it, people are waiting for the news, and if they deny the rumor they should also bring some solid arguments supporting that. I interested to buy a airstream from them, I hope I can still find it.

14 June 2013

I prefer to drive a normal, gasoline car instead of an electric car. I've changed some cars and I've driven all kinds of cars, hybrid, gasoline, electric and a diesel fuel based cars. I even have my own car dealer at capital pre-owned company. Now if I want to change my car I will choose a gas based car.

21 June 2014
As Dyson made good cars so, most of the people are happy to hear that Dyson is making an electric car. I think the branded car makers like Dyson must have to start making such environment friendly cars and we the car lovers can expect such thing from our branded car makers. We people are now-a-days badly need electric cars because these are environment friendly and our environment is getting polluted more and more because of the carbon dioxide gas that gets out during the vehicles run. I have a BMW and when I think my vehicle is producing more carbon dioxide gas, I just visit a good repair center of BMW available near to me to get it repaired.

15 July 2014
People should be encouraged to use electric car because by using it many economic problems can be solved. I know Dyson you are not making an electric car but the motor you made could power a car and its a great achievement. It can be used for powering an electric car. Technology is advancing speedily we should remain update about them as they can increase our vehicle's efficiency.

4 March 2019


28 June 2019

Individuals ought to be urged to utilize electric vehicle on the grounds that by utilizing it numerous monetary issues can be unraveled. I know Dyson you are not making an electric vehicle but rather the engine you made could control a vehicle and its an incredible accomplishment. It tends to be utilized for controlling an electric vehicle. Innovation is progressing expediently we ought to remain update about them as they can build our vehicle's productivity.


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1 July 2019

Electric vehicle battery lifespan. Like the engines in conventional vehicles, the advanced batteries in EVs are designed for a long life but will wear out eventually. Currently, most manufacturers are offering 8-year/100,000-mile warranties for their batteries. Online academic writing

2 July 2019

According to Dyson, "Dyson operates in more than 60 countries. As with our technology, we aim for our operations to be energy efficient and environmentally responsible. Dyson tracks the environmental impact of its buildings and logistics to identify areas where further environmental savings can be made."

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