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Two firms will have effectively merged by the end of the year
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20 January 2010

Chrysler and Lancia are likely to have effectively merged by the end of the year, according to Fiat/Chrysler boss Sergio Marchionne.

Marchionne said: “We could see the two converge as early as the end of the year.” He added that the move would make sense because each marque had gaps in its range that could be filled by the other.

“In Europe, Lancia is an undersized, underdeveloped brand, with nothing bigger than the Delta. Chrysler, which has a true global reach, has nothing smaller. Put them together and you have a full line-up,” he said.

There is a chance that the Chrysler-badged Lancia Delta shown at Detroit could be sold in the US. “The rebadged Delta could quite possibly make a Chrysler vehicle,” said Marchionne, who added that there would be no conflict with Lancia.

“Let’s get this straight,” he said. “I’m not selling any Lancias in the US. There’s no structural conflict.”

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20 January 2010

I hope they are still sold as Chryslers in the UK.

It would be a shame if the next 300c is badged as a Lancia when it should quite clearly be a Chrysler.

Its time the Lancia badge was laid to rest for a couple of decades. Perhaps by then people will have forgotted the rubbish they used to make and the downright ugly stuff they make today.

20 January 2010

Yawn... Think that should be the other way round. Chrysler should have been laid to rest a couple of decades ago with the consistent prehistoric junk they have offered the public. Maybe FIAT might be successful running the company.

20 January 2010

Lads, lads - let's not fight.

They should both be put down...

20 January 2010

[quote fhp11]Perhaps by then people will have forgotted the rubbish they used to make and the downright ugly stuff they make today.[/quote]

Errr, sorry...Fulvia, Stratos, Delta Integrale etc etc I presume you didn't see top gear's quite excellent piece on lancias last year?? they have, more than any other brand produced the highest number of exceptional cars - remember too they were also pioneers...disc brakes were their invention and i'm sure they produced the first 4wd system, i also think they had something to do with front wheel drive development, and were the first manufacturers to make an integrated chassis...

They also made, and still make gorgeous interiors...i remember my first car, a 1987 Y10 which had a lovely alcantara interior, electric windows (including the rear) and posh velour seats. No other small hatchback had those back then!!! I'l admit though, that it wasn't well received by everyone, especially with its two tone paintjob and black back door!!

I agree the current thesis is almost as ugly as a ssangyong, but the new delta in the flesh is very impressive indeed.

I just hope they don't pollute lanci's image with hideous, badly made yank tanks. 300c included.

20 January 2010

[quote elsol]I presume you didn't see top gear's quite excellent piece on lancias last year[/quote]

I did see it Top gear cannot be relied on for any intelectual comment on cars whatsoever - it is a comedy program, just based on cars. THey will be all for a certain car one week, then the next weeks its rubbish. Granted some of the earlier Lancias were good but then toward the end, not so much....

[quote elsol]hideous, badly made yank tanks. 300c included.[/quote]

Its such a cliche when people say that American cars are badly made. There is actually nothing wrong with the way they are made, if anything they tend to be well screwed together and reliable. and I think the 300c looks stunning - much better than boring Euro (specifically the German) stuff which all looks the same. Granted the materials arnt always as high standard as some euro cars - but then take into account the price. You wouldnt say the plastics in a hyundai are not as good as a focus because they are not priced the same.

THe 300c is an excellent car for people who want a well specked rear drive large saloon and dont want to pay over the odds for an underspecked German car with solid and uncomfy suspension. I know a couple of people who used to have Omegas that went to the 300c and have been very pleased. Take your outdated comments elsewhere.

20 January 2010

[quote fhp11]Take your outdated comments elsewhere.[/quote]

ooohhh, i'll get my handbag then!

i'm afraid the 300c IS hideous, and it is not comparable to German cars of the same size with regards to fit and finish, that is why it's cheap in comparison and why people who were satisfied with omegas like it.

With regards to Top Gear (as it has been discussed at length on other threads) their piece on lancia WAS informative and correct, so what if it was humerous as well???

(remember, thoughts on this forum are entirely subjective...)

20 January 2010

I have to say I sit firmly in the Lanca camp, while I agree the current line up of cars they produce are among some of the ugliest there past performance would suggest they can make beautiful cars, far nicer than anything from chrysler past or present.

300C is a barge on wheels and having sat in and driven some american cars I can say they are not made to the same standard as most European cars.

20 January 2010

I think Fiat Auto needs to have a good long hard look about where it sees Lancia going, rather than just merge its existing operations with Chrysler. There is certainly room in both European and American markets for upmarket niche models based on Fiat/Dodge platforms, which is where Lancia and Chrysler would seem to sit. If it is done sensibly, they won't need to sell in huge volumes to justify their existence.

Lancia has suffered since Fiat bought Alfa Romeo, and they need to find a way to make Alfa and Lancia complement each other rather than neither seeming to produce cars which really hit the spot. They both sit in between Fiat and Maserati on the group ladder, and they need to define what each brand's model range needs to look like.

If Fiat can work out some decent platforms to base their model ranges on (perhaps by studying the Volkswagen Group), they can build up a stable of brands which each have a clear model range. A modular FWD/AWD platform like Audi's A4/A5/A6/A8 platform to cover Lancia and Chrysler would be good, and similarly a modular RWD platform to use for Alfa's 159/Brera/169, Dodge's models (can't remember many other than Charger, Magnum and Challenger) and even Maserati's Quattroporte, Granturismo and maybe a smaller 5-series size model.

Or they could carry on running Alfa and Lancia into the ground, and send Chrysler and Dodge the same way - not that the American brands will need much help with that.

20 January 2010

disco.stu, you're right! lancia have indeed suffered over the past 20 or so years. it's similar in a way to the way VW are handling Seat, again a brand searching for a true identity.

I'd like to see fiat concentrate on positioning its brands properly. Lancia should be its luxury brand...alfa its sporting etc...why don't they put lancia under maserati, and alfa under ferrari?? now that would make for some interesting cars...

20 January 2010

SEAT was supposed to be the sporting brand under the VAG stewardship. All they seem to have done is produce several variants of cars designed for carrying multiples of people all of a similar size, Whats sporting about that? SEAT has little or no brand identity left (if it ever had any). So to say Fiat should look to the VW group for enlightenment is a little far fetched.

I think Elsol has a point though I would put Ferrari, Maserati and Alfa within the same stable offering a complete range of sporting cars at differing price levels, thereby offering something sporty for most pockets and get Lancia as the luxury arm of Fiat. I see Fiat's business model similar to that of Citroen (stack em high sell em cheap) whereas Lancia could be brought in line at the higher end.

As for the American stuff, leave it in America!


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