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Chinese government targets fewer, stronger car companies

The Chinese government is expected to reveal plans to encourage mergers and acquisitions between China’s car makers later this year, in a bid to create fewer, stronger companies and accelerate the sector’s already booming growth.

The Chinese Ministry of Industry and Information Technology is reported to be drawing up guidelines that will prohibit car makers from building new plants unless they acquire an existing manufacturer first.

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At present, there are 130 car makers in China, the majority with annual sales of below 10,000 units. The Chinese government has previously stated that it wants to have two or three car makers with production capacities of two million units or more by 2012, and four to five companies with output of more than one million cars.

Only five car makers had sales of more than one million cars last year. The country’s top 10 car makers made 11.89 million cars, accounting for 87 per cent of all sales.

The restructuring is part of the government’s plan for 20 per cent of Chinese car makers’ sales to be exported by 2015. China’s car exports fell 45.7 per cent last year, to 369,600 units, but have shown a sharp rise again this year.

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beachland2 29 August 2010

Re: Chinese to force car mergers

A delightfully relevent news story in todays telegraph, in which a research report basically says fake goods and fraud and doing us all a favour.

Fake goods are fine, says EU study

beachland2 29 August 2010

Re: Chinese to force car mergers

i think i said monetary interest by mistake i meant momentary interest. unless some time in the future i put a bet on one of nostradamus's prophecies. i would put a £1 on one coming true.

i dont think people should pay much attention to prophecy. unless its to do with bringing balance to the force that is.

Dan McNeil v2 29 August 2010

Re: Chinese to force car mergers

beachland2 wrote:

"Prius will be destroyed by fire from  sky news"

could have been lost in translation.

Probably, yes.
beachland2 wrote:
then decided derren brown could do better.
After much research (mainly from watching prime-time TV), I've concluded that Derren Brown is alive (or an android version of him) and Nostradamus is dead. I think this may have a significant bearing on future events.