Average speed cameras will be used in residential areas next year for the first time
7 December 2009

Average speed cameras are set to be introduced into residential areas from next year.

The government has approved the Spec3 cameras and plans to roll them out in 2010 with the aim of enforcing a 20mph speed limit in urban areas.

Camden, Southwark and Waltham Forrest will be among eight London boroughs to pioneer the cameras. Along with Norwich and York, they will also follow Portsmouth and introduce a blanket 20mph limit on all residential roads.

Research carried out by the Department for Transport in London claims that cutting the speed limit to 20mph makes these areas much safer for road users. According to the research, only one in forty pedestrians dies when hit at 20mph compared with one in five hit at 30mph.

The cameras will be connected to each other wirelessly - allowing them to track cars for up to 15 miles, monitoring their average speed.

More than 100 average speed cameras have already been installed at accident black spots and motorways.

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7 December 2009

time to get the hack saw and spray cans out of the garden shed then i suppose :)

7 December 2009

..or leave this pathetic country, if you can..

7 December 2009

the beginning of the end......

7 December 2009

For residential areas I prefer the removal of roads solution, I think this is being tried in one of the Scandinavian countries. The solution is that the old road area and foot paths become one block paved and plant bedded area where pedestrian is King. The job of the motorist is to slowly weave there way to their drive, around trees, people and flower beds.

7 December 2009

Does this mean that they will be removing all speed humps in these places ???

I thought not ....

7 December 2009

They will be having a man walking in front of you with a flag next!

Another 'bright idea' to raise some extra revenue for the treasury from the poor motorist.

I don't mine 20 mph zones outside places such as Schools but only during the hours children are arriving/leaving and lunch times, not of weekends and at night.

Cars today are getting safer and faster all the time, in a way car manufactures should be making cars slower not keep bringing out a hotter version all the time as there will be nowhere left soon where you can enjoy the performance except at a track day.

Of course any death is tragic, but roads are there mainly for motorised transport and bicycles, so pedestrians have there part to play too (roads are not a playground or place to go jay walking) there should be more emphasis on the Green Cross code, more Zebra and Pelican crossings etc, most of driving is common sense, reading the road ahead and adjusting your speed to the weather conditions, unfortunately not all drivers can be trusted to do this.

7 December 2009

Might be a lone voice here but have no issue at all with speed cameras, speed humps or flower pots(!?!) in built up areas. Live near a school and too many drivers still insist on driving around the area like lunatics.

Obviously this is part of a coordinated and thoughtful aproach to speed management, with the target being inappropriate use of speed not just a shot gun approach to get more cash out of us motorists, oh wait a minute.....

7 December 2009

Initial thoughts were; Fine, reasonable in residential areas. Then I saw the bit about 20mph limits.

Now, has anyone driven across Tower Bridge recently? That too is a 20mph limit with average speed cameras and it is incredibly difficult to maintain such a low speed.

This is unfortunately another money making scheme aimed at the motorist - the lower the speed the harder it is to stick to, the more revenue that is generated.

As has already been commented, the Scandinavian idea is much better and it improves the environment (area not ecology) and lowers driving speeds.



It's all about the twisties........

7 December 2009

And from where is the money coming to pay for these cameras? I was given the impression by the TV new programmes that this country is in the pit of a recession and heading towards being a million trillion pounds in debt to someone or other!

7 December 2009

I live in Portsmouth the so called 20 mph city. The street I live in has one tiny 20 mph sign half way up the street and no 20mph road marking on the road at the junction.This 20mph idea is a waste of time and money as cars pass my house at speeds 30mph plus, it’s a shock if you spot a car doing 20mph.This type of speed prevention needs to be policed constantly to make it work.


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