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Average speed cameras will be used in residential areas next year for the first time

Average speed cameras are set to be introduced into residential areas from next year.

The government has approved the Spec3 cameras and plans to roll them out in 2010 with the aim of enforcing a 20mph speed limit in urban areas.

Camden, Southwark and Waltham Forrest will be among eight London boroughs to pioneer the cameras. Along with Norwich and York, they will also follow Portsmouth and introduce a blanket 20mph limit on all residential roads.

Research carried out by the Department for Transport in London claims that cutting the speed limit to 20mph makes these areas much safer for road users. According to the research, only one in forty pedestrians dies when hit at 20mph compared with one in five hit at 30mph.

The cameras will be connected to each other wirelessly - allowing them to track cars for up to 15 miles, monitoring their average speed.

More than 100 average speed cameras have already been installed at accident black spots and motorways.

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VX220EDDIE 8 December 2009

Re: Average speed cameras for 2010

oh theres a surprise this government would approve anything that brings in revenue! its time to sell your car and buy something thats goes from 0-60 in 10 years cos the speed will not be needed anymore! infact dont cos thats what this governemt and do gooders want! lets buy range rovers and i agree with the spray cans :P

Peter Cavellini 8 December 2009

Re: Average speed cameras for 2010

What a cheek!, not satisfied with reducing my wife's wages by two pounds an hour for the same work(regrading,DOWN!), their going to turn us into nervous wrecks by mugging us on our way home in our own street possibly!, ridiculous!, we're already a nation of speedo watchers and to some extent agree with cameras in accident black spots, but again most of us know of cameras static or mobile that are just revenue makers for government or "camera partnerships" as they like to call them, i mean whose idea was it to put moblie speed camera's on motorway bridges?, your not going top tell me they only catch a few, most people are doing at least 10 MPH above the (OUT OF DATE LIMIT!) so their catching thousands everyday!,the local bobbys say"well, it's advertised in the local paper where their going to be!", but how many people read the paper every morning!. If the government want to stop speeding or inappropriate speeding, start fitting black boxes to cars and go the whole big brother with it and know where every car is every second of the day and how fast its going and if it doing it legally!, lifes bad enough for s all wothout more taxes on cars!, it's really no fun owning a car these days.
dipdaddy 8 December 2009

Re: Average speed cameras for 2010

The one thing that i don't understand about this stupid government and their "statistics and reports show that" slogan and it really pi55es me off is that rather than fit a small device that limits the speed of a car to the speed limit of the area or type of road being driven in, they prefer fitting this huge camera's and obivously make money from the public. the government knows that at times it is difficult to accurately control the speed of a car and that trying to keep an eye on the speedo while driving and looking ahead can cause sudden accidents. But if the device limits the speed of a car then it means that no one can speed and no one will die or get injured from accidents and everyone can live happily ever after in a ever so safe environment!!