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Average CO2 emissions for new cars sold in the UK have fallen for the 12th consecutive year

Average CO2 emissions for new cars sold in the UK have fallen for the 12th consecutive year.

The average CO2 emissions of a new car sold in 2009 was 146.5g/km, 5.4 per cent lower than in 2008. This is a 21.2 per cent drop from 1997, a reduction of 40.3g/km.

One in five cars sold in the UK last year had CO2 emissions of under 120g/km, while there was also a shift towards the lower VED bands. Sales in the K-M bands (225g/km and above) now account for just 5.8 per cent of the market, compared with 28.1 per cent in 1997. The most popular VED band for sales is E (131-140g/km).

The SMMT believes the main factors in the overall reduction in CO2 emissions are improved technology, the affects of the recession, the scrappage incentive scheme and rising fuel prices.

The average CO2 emissions for a new car sold under the scrappage scheme were 133.3g/km.

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guduru.karthik 16 March 2013

i don't think so

look at this for a movement the rate may have been less when compared to last years but this small amounts do do muchof an impact. effects of Carbon emmition have been direct influences on the earth in today's world.   Carbon emissions need to be controlled and the action needs to start from this second. I think to reduce this Carbon emission level all our governments need to stand on one rule, and should increase the Carbon taxes, maybe this will create the green revolution in this corporate world. Change needs to start from the biggest and the smallest forms of carbon emitters. In consideration to this, our today lives are undergoing so much change and the sad part is that the effects of these changes are now direct influencing but are indirectly and slowly influencing every one of our life's. Our indoor air is getting more and more toxic every min as we speak. I may be a worrier, but this is just because there is so much impact on me without my action. World has changed, it's no longer true that , our actions will have an impact on our life's, but it is now like every one of our actions will have an impact on others life's too. I personally use a CO2 meter in my office and home to monitor the CO2 levels around me. i brought a CO2 meter from here and it is really helpful, and they have many of them to choose from depending on your budget. it is not reallly a bad idea to test your indoor air and stay as safe as possble in todays world. 

nettingham 10 March 2010

Re: Average CO2 emissions fall

lrh wrote:
Perhaps not, but you were talking about a second, sporty car for the weekends. Only if you travelled on foot or by bicycle for the rest of the week could your outrage be justified.

Trust me, I'm a car nut too, but cutting down "spare" cars and unnecessary mileage makes sense as a target. Expensive infrastructure aside, mileage-based road tax probably wins my vote.

lrh 10 March 2010

Re: Average CO2 emissions fall

The fundamental flaw in all these taxes is they assume all cars do the same mileage. The people buying ultra-economical cars or diesels are doing huges mileages putting out the most CO2 and yet paying less:

40,000 km * 120g/km = 4.8 tonnes of CO2 = £35 road tax

I do:

15,000 km * 273g/km = 4.1 tonnes of CO2 = £435 road tax