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Watch the live interview as we discuss the critical issues facing today's car industry

It is a pivotal moment for the car industry, both in the UK and globally, as it navigates not only a post-pandemic landscape but also the ongoing challenges of electrification, digitalisation and more.

We will delve deeper into these issues, and particularly what they mean for the UK car industry, in our first Autocar Business Live online webinar with Mike Hawes, chief executive of trade body, The Society of Motor Manufacturers & Traders (SMMT).

The free event takes place on Thursday 30 July, at 10.30am. You can sign up to the webinar by clicking here.

Audience members will also be able to submit questions during the event, which will be addressed time-permitting. 

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One in six UK automotive jobs under threat, says SMMT

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cambuster 23 July 2020

Mr Hawes always seems to.................

............complain much more on behalf of the "traders" side of SMMT. The 2008 scrappage scheme kept car salesmen in commission, and dealers' car preparation cleaners busy. But on the key element of "manufacturers" jobs, it was the likes of the Korean and European plant employees, and financials, who benefitted - at the expense of significant imports. 

bakec 23 July 2020

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