Higher interest than expected for hot Nissan
8 April 2008

Order books for Nissan’s £52,900 GT-R opened on 2 April, and the firm has already taken 700 deposits for the Porsche 911 Turbo-beating supercar.Demand for the car has taken Nissan GB by surprise – so much so, in fact, that it has been forced to request additional supplies from the factory in Tochigi, Japan. Paul Wilcox, Managing Director for Nissan GB explained, “The engine of the GT-R is built by hand so there is a maximum production capability of 1000 units per month. This volume has to satisfy all global demands covering America, Asia and Europe and therefore it will be late May before we know if we have been successful in our request.”Originally Nissan GB planned to import 400 GT-Rs in 2009, and 500 in 2010, but it’s not known how the revised production request would affect these figures.Nissan is still threatening to take legal action against any companies that import GT-Rs for resale, but you’ll have to move quickly if you want to place an official order. Just don’t expect the wait that follows to go quite as quickly as the UK’s GT-R allocation. First deliveries are not expected until March 2009.

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Nissan GT-R

The Nissan GT-R is not a cheap car, but it’s better value for money than cars that are seemingly as fast

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8 April 2008

Given the plaudits this car has got from varying motoring press the world over, is this news surprising? not in the slightest I would say.

What I am surprised at, is the news that this engine is hand built. Makes the asking price even more of a bargain than it was before.

Just wish I had a spare £55k to order one, with a few options of course.

8 April 2008

I wonder how many of these deposits are from buyers who genuinely want the car, and how many are from people looking to make a quick profit by selling them on at a premium?

Good luck to them I say. If the current economic downturn continues they'll need it as the first thing people cut back spending on is luxury items such as these.

9 April 2008

700 deposits- that probably equates to a 2 yr waiting list??

Think they'll be plenty of speculators in that queue, flush from profit earned on the Audi R8!!, just hope Nissan GB make sure the loyal GT-R customer gets a car...

Still not convinced that come summer 2009, the GT-R will be viewed as the car it is right now. Lambo, Porsche, Ferrari et al are all going to produce revised models but then again they're not 55k !!

12 April 2008

I had a GTR33V for 5 years, tuned and used every day, I ended up selling it at 97,000 miles. It was fantastic. I have been running a diesel VW since then as I could not find anything to replace it (Phaeton V10 admittedly) and so went the other way.

As soon as I was able to put down the deposit I did, sight unseen, undriven, not even having seen the colours in real life. These guys really do know what they are doing so I trust them and the reviews tend to back this up.

At present we have until the end of next month to change our mind or decide on the colour etc before the order is made final. Given that we have not been allowed to see the car yet then I think this is a little harsh. We don't find out until then what our slot is, with the exception of definately extending it by ordering the SatNav !

I am certain some of the people will be speculators and wish that those of us who have already owned and enjoyed the old model should be given something for the investment we made in building the "brand" for them in the UK.

Am I worried - no - they have my money, what more can I say. Mind you given the money involved you would hope that they let us see and drive it prior to confirming the deposit. Lets face it we are unlikely to cancel but at least we will get the right colour combo that way and its not cheap. It is cheap compared to a Porsche but for those of us in the real world it is a lot of money.

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