BMW confident it can reduce 318d's CO2 output to escape London's emissions based congestion charge

BMW is confident of producing a 3-series model which would be exempt from the emissions based London congestion charge.The current 318d produces only 123g/km of CO2, and BMW are convinced they can meet the technical challenge of finding the 3g/km they need to beat the charge. They have already succeeded in altering the X5 3.0d to produce less than the 225g/km upper limit – conceivably saving a consistent commuter well over £3000 a year under the new system.From 27 October, any car driving into the centre of London that omits more than 120g/km of CO2 will be required to pay the £8 daily rate, while those beneath the threshold will be exempt. Cars producing more than 225g/km will face a £25 fee for entering the capital.The other financial benefit of cutting emissions is a reduction in Vehicle Excise Duty bills. Owners of the X5 3.0d already pay £205 instead of £300 – a 3-series model emitting less than 120g/km would cost just £35 a year to tax in Band B.BMW actually produces a model frugal enough to qualify for this category already – the three and five-door 118d. Recent recipient of World Green Car of the Year at the New York International Auto Show, the 118d uses BMW’s EfficientDynamics technology, such as Brake Energy Regeneration and Auto Stop Start, to produce CO2 emissions of just 119g/km.

Nick Cackett

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230SL 29 April 2008

Re: The 120g/km 3-series

If they are going to do one, could they make sure it is the touring, with a spare wheel perhaps so we can have a plush ride, and how about a 316d badge on the rear?

GD 29 April 2008

Re: The 120g/km 3-series

The congestion charge was devised to free up the traffic jams in London. Now it has become a one-man crusade to srop Global warming. It won't work, so why not get back to a genuine attempt to keep traffic light and moving in London? As for a low emmission BMW, fine but not for the sake of the London charge.

Will86 28 April 2008

Re: The 120g/km 3-series

Will the two guys having an argument on this blog please find somewhere else to fight like kids. No one cares about what you have to say.

Back to the car. If BMW can get the emissions down to 120g/km that will mean 13% company car tax and then there will be no stopping them. Switching from a 1.8TDCI Focus to a 1.6TDCI is saving me about £15 a month. The saving I guess would be even better on a 3 series due to the higher list price. I wouldn't buy the car for its green credentials, that would be an added benefit, I would buy it for the amount of money its going to save me. I hope BMW would be able to get the 3 Series Tourer below 120g/km too. So the best car is also the cheapest, as someone else already said, BMW are going to need a new plant to cope with demand. Some have an image problem with BMWs, who cares at 13% company car tax.