Cutaway diagram of Honda NSX replacement leaks onto internet
19 November 2008

A cutaway diagram that appears to show Honda’s replacement for its NSX supercar has leaked onto the internet. If it’s genuine, this is our first glimpse of the V10-powered two-seater.

The new NSX has been repeatedly delayed, but insiders speculatively suggest that it could be launched in 2010. It will be powered by a new 550bhp V10 which will also be available in America’s Acura range of luxury cars.

We’re also expecting a revised version of Honda’s Super Handling All-Wheel Drive (SH-AWD) system with a rear drive bias to ensure excellent grip and sharp handling.

Honda’s V10 will be an ultra-modern and highly efficient powerplant. It’s likely to have a cylinder deactivation system to help save fuel and reduce CO2 emissions. The system – known as Variable Cylinder Management (VCM) – would allow the NSX to run on one bank of cylinders under low load.

We’ve been waiting for the production NSX since January last year, when Honda revealed its Advanced Sports Car Concept. It was going to be followed up by a production car at the Tokyo motor show but Honda’s design team couldn’t agree on the final styling.

Expect the NSX to be a direct rival for the likes of the Audi R8 and Porsche 911 Carrera 4S. However, in the current economic conditions, there can be no certainty that it will arrive on the proposed 2010 launch date.

Will Powell

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19 November 2008

20 November 2008

I'm not sure how this spec fits in with Honda's current thinking?

Only a week ago, Honda announced that they believe America is just ready for a V8 product. Working on the basis that Honda will have projected that the USA is going to be the cars largest market, why have they decided on a V10? Honda's main links with the V10 engine is F1, which is about as relevant to the US market as diesel is.

Also take in to account Honda's sympathy with the environmental issue and fuel economy, does a V10 not send out the wrong signals? Surely a V8 is both commercially and practically a better option?

Using some rough calculations, using Honda's current technology it would be easy enough for them to produce 4 Litre V8 unit, producing around 480bhp with 30mpg capability during "normal" driving conditions.

The decision to use a front engined, rear drive configuration is also strange, although they appear to be following the trend set by the Lexus LFA, which is understandable as it will be the Honda's natural rival.

I know their motto is "Difficult is worth doing", but this is possibly a step too far.



It's all about the twisties........

21 November 2008


If this thing is as reliable, fuss-free and free from electronic/electric niggles as a Honda is supposed to be, it could be seen as the thinking man's solution to other front-engined GT cars, DB9, Vantage, SLR, SL, Granturismo, Fiorano et al.

Even if this thing tanks, I don't think it would put too much of a strain on Honda like the Tundra did with Toyota. I suppose it's as economically viable as the GTR is to Nissan? Something as a halo model. As far as image is concerned, if they can pull off a fuel-efficient supercar, I think it'll be good for them. Although, I'm just hoping that this car doesn't get written-off like the original NSX as being "too easy" to live with...

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