Currently reading: Renault boss expects electric vehicle sales to double
Chief operating officer Carlos Tavares says the French manufacturer is fully committed to its ambitious electric vehicle programme

Renault remains committed to electric vehicles, according to chief operating officer Carlos Tavares – and the company expects its global EV sales to more than double to 36,000 units this year.

Between October 2011 – when Renault’s electric range launched with the Fluence saloon and Kangoo van – and the end of last year, more than 18,000 EVs were sold by the French firm.

“We are the leaders in EV sales and we intend to stay so,” said Tavares. “We are the only manufacturer with four EV models. Our European market share as an automotive company, including Renault and Dacia, is nine per cent, but our share of the zero-emissions vehicles market is 51 per cent.”

Tavares acknowledged the growing amount of manufacturers committing to plug-in hybrids as opposed to full electric vehicles, but felt such a solution was only applicable to higher-priced luxury cars and posed significant financial challenges for manufacturers and consumers alike.

“There is nothing wrong with plug-in hybrids, except for the fact that if you look at the [financial] bill of materials for them, it is quite obvious that the cost of a plug-in hybrid is much more than a single-energy powertrain,” he said.

“The fact that you have an internal combustion engine coupled with an electric vehicle powertrain gives you the kind of autonomy you would like from your D-segment family car.

“But you have two powertrains in one car, in an industry where most of the manufacturers are financially in the red and the best are making five per cent cash operating profit. So how do you put two powertrains in one car without translating it into additional cost and therefore additional pricing? That’s the challenge.

"That’s why this story is becoming a very polarised one. High-end flagship vehicles and SUVS are going for plug-in hybrids, whereas the commuting cars are moving to pure EV because you need to keep the price competitive.

“This is going to have an impact on pricing. For the high-end the price is perhaps not going to be a big deal, but certainly you are not going to see plug-in hybrid [technology] in compact cars.”

However, Tavares added that he didn’t discount Renault one day adding a plug-in hybrid to its model line-up: “I have nothing negative against that technology, but I will only do things that make sense and are profitable for the company.”


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BuckheadAutoSport 19 January 2016

Electric Vehicle Popularity vs Standard Gasoline

Electric car are becoming well known to the public each day. To compare between the hybrid and the standard gas operated vehicle, many are still debating if they're ready for a big change. Mechanical errors can happen and owners are sometime can help themselves. Hybrid car are major factor when it comes to electrical errors. Owners have no knowledge of repairs need to get professional attention.
fosterjustin 28 August 2014

Electric vehicle sales

Day by day the importance of electric car is rapidly increases; and in this new generation we have found that people are switch towards using hybrid cars instead of normal fuel cars. It provides better fuel efficiency and mileage to the user; therefore people love to use electric vehicle. So with this report we can estimate that selling percentage of electric vehicle is rapidly increases day by day; therefore Renault boss expects electric vehicle sales double.
shanemaxwell 25 August 2014

Renault's electric vehicle sale

Renault is a well known brand name and from the last year we have found it rapidly increases its business in the world automobile market. Apart from fuel engines or vehicles Renault is now stepped in the production of electric vehicles; and through its electric features it tries to attract customer in the world market. Therefore Renault's boss expects some increase in the electric vehicle sales and I hope it will change the future of electric vehicle.