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Fiat Chrysler Automobiles chief Sergio Marchionne hints that Lancia brand could be wound down
Mark Tisshaw
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7 March 2014

The future of the Lancia brand and its integration with Chrysler will become clear on 6 May, Fiat Chrysler Automobiles chief Sergio Marchionne has revealed at the Geneva motor show.

When Fiat and Chrysler first got together, Marchionne saw close synergies between Lancia and Chrysler, and launched a glut of badge-engineered Chryslers as Lancias in Europe.

In the UK, the reverse happened, with Chrysler models joined by badge-engineered versions of the Ypsilon and Delta.

The plan has not been a success, with Marchionne confirming earlier this year that all the Lancia-badged Chryslers were to be axed, along with the Delta, meaning Lancia would have just one model, the Ypsilon, which would only be sold in Italy.

This is set to be rubber-stamped in May when Marchionne reveals the future model plans for all brands in the newly created Fiat Chrysler Automobiles empire. The plan is also set to reveal whether or not the Ypsilon will be replaced after its current generation.

“I will shed more light on Chrysler in Europe in May,” said Marchionne. “We have curtailed our ambitions for Lancia. I’m going to be saying things that will hurt old Lancia people. The market has moved on and not every opportunity can be realised, we can’t cede to every demand.

“There will be some reshaping of activities and we need to make money.”

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7 March 2014
Finally Lancia will go away.

The world will again become a little easier on our eyes.

Took my 300c in for service recently and borrowed one of the Ypsilons. It was not a pleasant vehicle, although I appreciate they are fairly cheap.

Apparently, The Lancia sales in Europe are lower than when Chrysler was selling vehicles under its own brand when it didn't even have small vehicles like the epsilon and delta.

Hopefully Chrysler will be allowed to sell their own vehicles in Europe under their own name.

Who did Fiat think they were going to kid by Merging Fiat and Lancia?

Anyone who liked American styling was never going to buy one because it was badged Lancia.
And all the Old Men with Beards Lancia Fans were never going to buy one as they weren't designed by Lancia so didn't look like they had been designed by a blind frog. It was an idea doomed from the beginning.

7 March 2014
It is amazing how they trashed the Lancia brand, my mother had a Fulvia Coupe in the 70s, you could n't really get a prettier car, it was even reliable, you tube Lancia and Pirelli tyre launch and you'll see some classy cars.

7 March 2014
How long before Fiat have just one volume car, the 500 (including the Xl,XXL, XXXLLL etc)

7 March 2014
xxxx wrote:

How long before Fiat have just one volume car, the 500 (including the Xl,XXL, XXXLLL etc)

This is the plan IIRC, the Punto and Brava are getting replaced by 500 variants. The Fiat range will be the 500 family and the Panda.

Alfa will have a couple of RWD saloons.

Lancia will be no more.

7 March 2014
"Fiat range will be the 500 family and the Panda" with the exception I omitted the high selling hugely profittable long term panda

7 March 2014
By killing the Ypsilon and replacing it and the Punto with a 5 door Fiat 500, the gap will be filled. It would still be good to see a new Fiat Bravo, ideally the Ottimo and a next generation Giuletta, together with a next generation MiTO that includes a 5 door model, to complete the process.

This also means the demise of Chrysler in the UK in Ireland as they can't survive on just the Voyager and 300. Still the Voyager might be sold as a Fiat Ulysse. Fiat seem to be quite successful in selling the Dodge Journey as the Freemont.

Of the US brands, makes sense just to have Jeep in Europe.

7 March 2014
And Marchionne kills another great Italian brand. Lancia have as much history and classic cars as Alfa, which he also seems to be trying to kill off by a lack of cars and models. How he expects Alfa to be taken seriously as a competitor to BMW and Mercedes when their top "normal" model will be a 240bhp hot hatch for the next 2 years.

7 March 2014
Fiat Chrysler Automobiles really should have looked at other examples where well-known badges have been tacked onto inappropriate vehicles ... Us canny customers are not fooled by the likes of a (for example) 'MG' badge stuck on a Chinese car ... The Ypsilon and Delta models would have sold better had they had the Lancia badge on and not Chrysler ...

7 March 2014
I suspect the issue has been trying to sell the wrong cars with the wrong badge and price. Here in the UK the Ypsilon is far more expensive than alternative City cars, as was the Delta compared to Its Focus sized competitors. I know big discounts were available, but thats not really the point.

The 300C sold amazingly well for an American car when it was first introduced around 10 years ago. We then had a gap of a coupel of years and Fiat brought it back having added £10k to the price. Oddly they have recently knocked £10 off the price, and it looks good value again, but the damage is done.

I agree with those who say Chryslers should be sold as Chryslers, and Lancias With a Lancia badge. And Price them properly!

7 March 2014
So, winding down Lancia as well as Alfa Romeo.......


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