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Evoque becomes first regular production car with advanced nine-speed gearbox
Mark Tisshaw
1 min read
27 February 2013

The Range Rover Evoque will be the first regular production car to be fitted with a nine-speed automatic gearbox.

Unveiled at the Geneva motor show, the new ZF-supplied 9HP transmission initially will replace the existing six-speed unit across all-wheel-drive versions of the Evoque, with “significant improvements in fuel economy and a corresponding reduction in CO2 emissions” promised.

The closer ratios are said to improve shift quality, refinement and acceleration response, and reduce noise at higher cruising speeds.

The top ratio in the torque converter gearbox is particularly tall to improve fuel economy, while the bottom ratio is much lower than that in the current six-speed unit to improve the Evoque’s off-road ability.

A ‘skip-shift’ function is also included, so gears can be skipped under rapid deceleration or firmer throttle use. The gearbox can also recognise driving styles and detect when more urgent shifts are required or when a relaxed shifting style is desired.

The Range Rover Evoque's new gearbox is 6mm longer but it weighs 7.5kg less than the outgoing six-speed transmission. It premiered at the Geneva motor show this week.

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Ski Kid 28 February 2013

will it have the new engines at the same time

Think it will be great with 9 speed the 8 speeds make a large gain on 6 speeds should be brilliant. Do any of you know if it will be released with the current engine or wait untill the new engine factory is on stream and come out new box new engine .The test vehicle is down at the dvla as having  a 2litre petrol engine so that is a new engine as the current one is larger.

TS7 27 February 2013

Wouldn't a CVT be easier to

Wouldn't a CVT be easier to develop than auto boxes with ever more ratios?


dd9ag 28 February 2013

It seems people really don't

It seems people really don't like CVT gearboxes. A lot of people I've spoken to actually avoid anything with them in. Personally I think they're great for town cars that are driven quite sedately, my Fiance has one in her Micra and it works well. Seems to be good in Toyota's HSD cars as well. Problem is when you want to press on they make the engine sound quite unrefined as it just sits at high RPM while the car catches up. Remember it's the ratio spread that is important though, the gap between the lowest and highest ratio. I'm really looking forward to trying this gearbox out, just not sure I want an Evoque. I've heard rumours that it might be in the next Mini however.

fadyady 27 February 2013


I'm surprised Evoque hasn't managed to show up in the UK's Top 10 Best Selling Cars even once. I spot up to 9 Evoques during my 20 mile daily commute. Still stands out though.

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