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The new Subaru BRZ sports coupe has made its European debut at the Geneva motor show
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4 March 2012

The new Subaru BRZ sports coupe has made its European debut at the Geneva motor show. The rear-drive 2.0-litre naturally aspirated model signals a step away from the firm’s all-wheel drive, turbocharged tradition. But it will offer "pure driving pleasure," according to Subaru’s product planning manager Toshio Masuda.

The Subaru boxer-engine (also used in the BRZ’s Toyota GT 86 sister car) produces 197bhp. It’s installed low down in the engine bay, enabling the car to feature a low hood and sleek roofline. The hexagonal lower front grille, hawk eye headlights and fin-shaped fog lamps are designed to evoke other cars in the Subaru family.

See the official pic of the Subaru BRZ

According to the Masuda, the Subaru BRZ will be produced in various guises: “Subaru is a sports brand. We first want to show you the base for BRZ and it will have a long life cycle and will consider future derivatives. There will be no turbo though.

“When you drive the car you will be surprised at just how good the handling and steering feel is.”

Sales of the new Subaru BRZ begin in spring with numbers limited to around 500 UK cars per year.

The new Subaru Impreza also made its European debut at the Geneva show. The hatchback shares the same platform as the new Subaru XV SUV and will be available to buy in certain European markets this year. Whether the Impreza will make it to the UK remains unclear; a decision will be made this summer. Engine choices for the new model include a 1.6-litre and 2.0-litre petrol as well as a 2.0-litre oil-burner.

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14 February 2012

Turbo or not, they are going to have to price this car quite closely to the Toyota or they are going to be struggling for sales in the UK at least.

14 February 2012

[quote TegTypeR]they are going to be struggling for sales in the UK[/quote]

Agree with that!

Subaru have already priced their STi out of the market, with the lackluster hatchback WRX failing to sell in sufficient numbers. Subaru UK have been greedy by over pricing, and refusing to offer what the customers are asking for. WR Blue, big wing, and a saloon were all available in other countries, just not the UK.

So if it doesn't sell well in the UK it's not Subaru's fault; but rather Subaru UK / IM Group.

14 February 2012

Whats the reasoning behind not having a turbo charged version?? Wouldnt it be hard to extract more than 200bhp out of a N/A boxer?

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