Seven-seater sits on new platform; on sale early 2010
2 March 2010

This is the all-new Fiat Doblo seven-seater, which will go on sale in the UK early next year.

The car is based on a new, larger platform and Fiat is claiming that it offers more passenger and luggage space than ever, plus reduced emissions thanks to new engines.

Hi-res Fiat Doblo pictures

In Europe the Doblo will initially be offered with four engines: a 94bhp petrol, and three diesel Multijet engines with 89bhp, 104bhp and 133bhp.

A dual fuel petrol/methane engine which won't be on sale in the UK and an additional diesel engine linked to Dualogic manual unit with a paddleshift will be offered at a later date.

Start-stop will be offered as standard. The lowest powered diesel emits 129g/km of CO2.

No details of pricing have been released.

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16 November 2009

I shall pin one of these pictures to my back bumper to prevent tailgating...

Or perhaps place it on the mantlepiece to keep my children away from the fire

16 November 2009

Looks very similar to a thing I saw recently with the word Teepee glued to the back. Is that a Fiat too, because it shares the same lack of elegance?

17 November 2009

No the Teepee is a Peugeot brand name. Equally as ugly and van like as this! I sell these cars (Doblo) and I can't stand them! Save your credibility and buy a used 3 series Touring!

17 November 2009

If it's anything like the current model then it's not the best looking car in the world agreed, but it is a brilliant vehicle to use and drive. One of those cars that is a lot more than the sum of its parts.

I do however hope they haven't gone down the same route as Peugeot / Citroen with the Berlingo and Partner and made it too refined and car like. Part of the charm of the old vehicle, and what set it apart from car derived people carriers, is it's utilitarian nature and feeling of indestructibility.



It's all about the twisties........

21 November 2009

Does anybody know what a van is an what's it good for?

BMWMAN, I don't think you would rent a 3 series Touring to move your furniture.....

21 November 2009

They won't be a big seller here, but in Europe there are loads of the old model around.

So, it'll sell, but not in the UK, we don't do vans with doors....

21 November 2009

[quote Richard H]So, it'll sell, but not in the UK, we don't do vans with doors....[/quote]

I know that the Doblo is used as a taxi in Newcastle and some other cities.

I see plenty of Doblos in London too, both vans and the estate.

Straff and noluddite - you don't get it - these are utilitatian cars - practical, good value.
They are not bought for their looks, though they have a charm of their own...

TegTypeR and nomillnomeal have it spot on.

21 November 2009

[quote BMWMAN]Save your credibility and buy a used 3 series Touring![/quote]

Are you being oxymoronic deliberately?

Where has all Japanese design went to?

21 November 2009

[quote TegTypeR]but it is a brilliant vehicle to use and drive[/quote]

I periodically pinch the work's Doblo van for mountain biking weekends and really enjoy driving it. The van handles well, has incredibly quick steering and the performance from the little 1.3 turbodiesel is surprisingly good. What impresses me in particular is the way it clears the outside lane of slower vehicles. I have driven Mercs, Saabs, BMs, Alfas, sportscars, coupes, hot hatches and executives and nothing gets the car in front out of the way quicker than a white Doblo Van driven 3mm off its back bumper in "clear the lane, I have work to do, money to make and I'll drive over the top of anyone who gets in my way mode."

21 November 2009

[quote tannedbaldhead]and nothing gets the car in front out of the way quicker than a white Doblo Van driven 3mm off its back bumper in "clear the lane, I have work to do, money to make and I'll drive over the top of anyone who gets in my way mode.[/quote]

ARRGGGHHHH Those little noddy vans are the bain of my driving life. I dread being stuck with one behind me in traffic- as i start to hear it creep towards my back bumper in traffic and the rear sensors turn into one flatline beep. The people who drive them are ignorant t*ssers and from reading about its "utilitiarian" nature and the way it encourages the driver to drive it rough and hard, the vans are as big a problem as the driver.These things need to be more refined and encourage people to drive them like everyone else drives their own cars- like they actually have respect for their driving environment and dont let their ignorant,careless driving style impact on anyone else who's driving carefully going about their business.

And that Doblo- it looks like something "nan" Taylor in the Catherine Tate Show would drive, if she could.


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