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The revised Dacia Duster will come to the UK in 2016 with a tweaked exterior design
Darren Moss
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10 September 2013

The facelifted Dacia Duster has been revealed at the Frankfurt motor show today, showing a revised exterior look and an all-new dashboard for left-hand drive markets.

The Duster has a redesigned front grille with new chrome plating hides a new air intake and larger light clusters. 

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At the rear the car is mostly the same as the outgoing model, with subtle styling tweaks giving the Duster a stockier, more SUV-like appearance. Redesigned light clusters and further chrome outlines can be seen on these pictures.

The interior of the cars pictured here have been upgraded to match the right-hand drive cars that are already on sale in the UK.

In addition, the car has been revealed with new roof bars and slatted roof supports, a chrome-plated exhaust plus the addition of 16-inch alloy wheels.

Dacia says the upgrades 'underscore the car's on-road stance and robust, "go-anywhere" character.'

The revised car will be coming to the UK in 2016.

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Dacia Duster

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28 August 2013

Looks good. However, have you seen the Nissan version of this? It's only going to be on sale in India, but they made a good job in adding their style on to the front.

28 August 2013

2016 !! 3 years to get a minor facelift ? !

12 September 2013


28 August 2013

This as usual was typical poor timing by Renault. Could they not wait to launch the brand in the UK with the F/L model? Here on the mainland the Duster has been a strong seller for a while now, so a F/L is due.


But would it have really killed them to wait 6 months? What happens when the all new next gen model is on sale on the mainland, will it be 3 years before the UK gets it? That increases costs which is not good for a budget brand

29 August 2013

certainly looks familiar. Was it Nissan Murano?

29 August 2013

So for 3 years, Dacia will producing the current Duster and this facelifted version until the latter comes to the UK. Ok, these newer parts on the facelifted model probably don't cost an arm and a leg, but economically, surely it doesn't make sense to source 2 different lots of parts, old and new ones.

As paul896 mentioned, delaying Dacia's launch in the UK to incorporate the facelifted model may have made more sense, or perhaps even for the facelift to have come 6 months earlier to coincide with Dacia's launch in the UK.

29 August 2013

The RHD Duster is built in India, whereas the LHD one is built in Romania, I would imagine that it's part of the reason why we won't be getting the facelift until 2016. 

8 September 2013

Looks much better than the awkward looking Honda CR-V at almost twice the price.
2016 does seem quite long for just a simple facelift, though there must be a valid reason.

9 September 2013

Given that there isn't one reference in the text to explain the extortionately long waiting time, I'll assume 2016 is a misprint.

If the current car is giving other manufacturers a few sleepless nights, this updated model will attract permanent insomnia. I like it, and that's before considering the price tag.

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