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We’re first to drive the fastest road car ever created, the Caparo T1

It’s been two years in coming, but this week, can bring you an exclusive first drive of the quickest road car in Christendom, the blistering, gut-mauling, 1075bhp-per-tonne Caparo T1.The unbelievable prospect of this unprecedented track car has been depriving us of sleep at Autocar HQ since we first heard of its conception last year. With peak power of 575bhp and a kerbweight of little more than half a tonne, it promised to redefine the farthest capabilities of a performance car; to be quicker even than the apparently unbeatable Bugatti Veyron.And the reality of driving the T1 lived up to every bit of that expectation. Editor-at-large Steve Sutcliffe was the first man from Autocar Towers to drive the awesome featherweight, and writes: “Holy smoke does it take off when you squeeze the throttle to the floor. In second gear, at 4000rpm, the pure shove in the back as the T1 delivers its haymaker… well, it takes your breath away, even though you’d braced yourself and thought you were ready.”

Read Steve’s exclusive first drive of the T1 by clicking here, and watch his video report on the car by clicking here



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Almost fast enough to keep up with an F1 car and road legal with it; the T1 is simply unbelievable

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