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Mercedes-Benz secures a 1-2 finish at Malaysia with Hamilton in first and Rosberg in second

Lewis Hamilton cruised to his 23rd career Grand Prix victory in the 2014 Malaysian GP.

Nico Rosberg finished second, some 17 seconds behind Hamilton, securing Mercedes a 1-2 finish at the Sepang circuit.

The race appeared a relatively straightforward affair for both Mercedes, and the victory was the team's first F1 1-2 finish since 1955.

2013's world champion Sebastian Vettel crossed the line in 3rd, earning his first championship points of the year.

Daniel Ricciardo's trials and tribulations continued at the Malaysian GP, however. Despite a confident start and a decent pace, he suffered an issue with an improperly fitted wheel during a pit stop that necessitated a push back to the pits. 

A front wing failure failure followed, and he retired his Red Bull on lap 53, just three from the end.

Ricciardo was not the only driver to experience technical issues. Marussia's Jules Bianchi retired early in the race, followed by Toro Rosso's Jean-Eric Vergne and Lotus' Pastor Maldonado.

A total of six cars retired out of a competing field of 21, most seemingly as a result of technical issues with the dramatically different new powertrains.

Some teams showed noticable improvement though, including Lotus. Romain Grosjean drove his Lotus to an 11th-placed finish, beating Raikkonen and Kobayashi.

The next race, at Bahrain, takes place on 6 April.


Malaysian GP, 30 March 2014, round 2/19

1. Lewis Hamilton (Mercedes)

2. Nico Rosberg (Mercedes)

3. Sebastian Vettel (Red Bull)

4. Fernando Alonso (Ferrari)

5. Nico Hulkenberg (Force India)

6. Jenson Button (McLaren)

7. Felipe Massa (Williams)

8. Valtteri Bottas (Williams)

9. Kevin Magnussen (McLaren)

10. Daniil Kvyat (Toro Rosso)

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FastRenaultFan 31 March 2014

Some excitment

I think that the start off the races can be exciting too. In fact all the cars racing together down the straight into the first corner is sometimes the only real excitment in some off the races but I don,t think it is as bad now as it used to be when Ferrari in the early 00s was always winning. I also think there is a lot more passing now than there was back then too. I also think the new cars look a lot nicer than last years cars iff you look at one off the new cars and last years cars the old ones just look boring and ugly now with there high noses. I also like the different styles and varity off designs now. The only difference in the cars over the last few years really was there colours. I quiet like the sound off the new cars now but do also miss the sound off the V8 cars as well but just like they changed from V12s to V10s and then V10s to V8s you get used to it and move on. The new V6s are more relevent to car manufacturers and real world cars so companys like Renault can use the technolagy from F1 now on there road cars. Renault were going to leave iff they had not have changed and Honda would not not be entering next year iff the new engines had not been introduced. Bernie has said he did not want it changed but the FIA voted for all the new rule and engine changes so he could not stop it.
The Apprentice 31 March 2014

I dozed off. The high paying

I dozed off. The high paying sponsors should demand a partial refund. Adverts don't work on the comatose.
Ludicrous speed 31 March 2014

Silver Arrows

Apart from lack of noise it's nice to see RED Bull not dominating from the word go.

Mercs looked good and Hamilton was faultless. However Red bull are coming so Merc AMG will need to keep their development pace up or we could see another boring Vittel dominated year.

Mclaren look well off the pace and need serious focus to catch up.

Not an exciting race but let's see what develops as early days at the moment.