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Red Bull star wins Abu Dhabi GP - and the championship - as Alonso struggles
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14 November 2010

Sebastian Vettel has become Formula One's youngest ever world champion by winning this afternoon's Abu Dhabi Grand Prix.

Vettel dominated the race, leading from pole position and always looking in contention for the victory, even when the order was shaken up by pit-stops, a number of split strategies and an early safety car period introduced when Michael Schumacher's Mercedes was clouted by the Force India of Vitantonio Liuzzi.

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The young German's main title rivals - Fernando Alonso and Mark Webber - endured a race to forget after their soft-compound tyres grained badly, prompting early pit-stops for both. They spent almost half of the race behind Renault's Vitaly Petrov, who had switched from the soft tyre to the 'prime' during the safety car period.

Despite Alonso's best efforts, the Russian stayed ahead, frustrating the Spaniard's bid to become a three-times champion. He gesticulated to Petrov during the slowing-down lap - even though the pair had been racing for position throughout.

McLaren's strong pace in qualifying was transferred to the race, with Lewis Hamilton coming in second and Jenson Button - who stayed out for two thirds of the race on his soft tyres - finishing third.

Mercedes' Nico Rosberg, another early stopper, took fourth place, ahead of Robert Kubica, Petrov, Alonso and Webber. The result gave Vettel the title by just four points. At 23 years and 135 days, he eclipses Lewis Hamilton as the sport's youngest ever champ.


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14 November 2010

I make that 13 combined F1 Constructors' and Drivers' Championships for Adrian Newey designed cars across six different drivers and three different teams! If that doesn't deserve a CBE or even a KBE, I don't know what does!

14 November 2010

Well they done it well done too them and Sebastian Vettel . He did indeed drive a superb race . It was a great race much better than last weeks race . Some good passing moves in it too . Well done to Petrov to . Him and Kubica drove good race I hope it means good things for Renault next year .Hard luck to Schmacher and Tonia Liuze it could have been very bad thanfully it was not and no one got hurt . It has been a great seaon one off the best hope next year is as good .

14 November 2010

Well done Sebastian, but my money was on Mark Webber.

Robert Kubica had a good race and well done Vitali Petrove for not allowing Fernando Alonso to pass hence preventing him from winning his third world championship, which this season he didn't deserve.

14 November 2010

Congratulations for Vettel and RB! They deserve it.

Before the race I thought Alonso will win the championship,thinking that the team is to experienced to miss the opportunity.And they made catastrophic mistake with pit stop and the tires,unbelievably! What and why on earth was he gesticulating on Petrov after the race?

14 November 2010

Val., if you can't write a fair appraisal of a race, please don't be an F1 racist, Alonso couldn't do anything about it, the Renault was too strong down the long un-neccessary straight(all that ground,and they just put a straight in!?), the best man won, it's that simple, so don't go belittling someone's achievements, especially when it's their first success.

14 November 2010

[quote Peter Cavellini]please don't be an F1 racist[/quote]

Peter, please don't attack Val for something that many people feel strongly about too. If Alonso had won it would have been tainted for the points he got when his team cheated (remember - they were fined for the infraction).

Petrov did a superb job, and if you watch the reaction by Alonso after the race, that will tell you everything you need to know about Alonso's character. Just like his time with McLaren, the toys were out the pram.

However, Vettel won the championship and won it the way it should be. Racing against all drivers, his team mate included. There were no gifts along the way. Earned, 100%.

14 November 2010

Symanski, maybe it was the way it was worded, i read it quickly for a reason,it sounded like sour grapes.

14 November 2010

[quote Peter Cavellini]Symanski, maybe it was the way it was worded[/quote]

Ok, no problem.

14 November 2010

As much as i didn't want him to win i have to admit that over the course of the season Vettel deserved the title, particularly with his pole position performances, not to mention the DNFs that afflicted him so pull it all back was remarkable.

Ok, Webber didn't get the full backing of his team, which has been clear for everyone to see, and i would have loved to have seem him take the crown, but the last few races weren't great for him and the decider was his spin in Singapore while he was not as consistent as Vettel over the 19 races. I fear that this was Webber's best ever opportunity to strike gold while his confidence must be totally shattered knowing that he will have another season with a team mate who is probably not only his worse enemy, but is now world champion.

As for Alonso, i'm glad he didn't win it but considering where he was 5 months ago, it would have been difficult to say he wouldn't have deserved the title based on recent performances, even excluding what went on in Germany.

As for the final results, i believe the Renault's performances dictated the course of this year's championship. Had Hamilton managed to get past Kubica, and likewise with Alonso and Petrov, i think we may have seen a different person lifting the title. And what a performance by Petrov who, without exagerating, has been appalling all season and in my mind was driver of the day.

15 November 2010

'Alonso didn't deserve to win because of the ferrari contraversy'. Wow, either you people are ignorant or just biased. By your measure that would make red bull and Torro Rosso the same as Ferrari or did you happen to miss what Alguesari did? What Torro Rosso did was far worse than Ferrari and it shows an ugly side of formula 1 in the form of sponsorship. Having a sponsor backing two teams to enable an advantage to one when needed is a catastrophy for the sport and i find it disgusting. For that reason and for the reason i prefer the underdogs to win, i don't think Red Bull or Vettel should have won this year! Ferrari did what ferrari did but Alonso made up for it by fighting for podiums towards the end of the season. Sorry Vettel, you should'nt have won, Red Bull shouldn't have won! For me, Alonso is still the best and Ferrari is still the heart of formula 1, so all you alonso haters, stop being biased, racist whatever and concentrate on being a fan yeah?


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