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Racing legend thinks seven-time world champion is 'past it'

Racing legend Sir Stirling Moss has said that Michael Schumacher is "probably past it".

Moss told The Metro that he doesn't believe the seven-time world champion was right to return to Formula One and his past achievements "didn't mean anything" in 2010's title race.

"He’s a highly intelligent bloke, and I really can’t see… all he’s going to do is damage his achievements," said Moss. "People are going to say he’s past it now, which he probably is.

"People say he’s the best because he has seven world titles, but that doesn’t mean anything really. Well, it does mean something – it’s a hell of an achievement – but it doesn’t mean he’s the greatest ever."

Moss also said 2010 was the first time Schumacher had experienced pressure from within his own garage, given the impressive start Nico Rosberg has made to his Mercedes GP career.

"We’ve never seen Michael with a number two who’s been comparable," he said. "He had Rubens Barrichello who no doubt is an extremely good driver, but not necessarily a winner.

"Ross Brawn and those chaps brought Ferrari from being has-beens back to the front. Because he didn’t have a comparable team-mate it was very difficult to know how much of it was down Michael and how much was the car."

Schumacher has scored 10 points in the first four races of 2010, 50 points behind championship leader Jenson Button.

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Rover P6 3500S 29 April 2010

Re: Stirling Moss: 'Schu's past it'

ericheadley wrote:

For all of you who think that Stirling Moss is not a great driver because he didn't win the championship, remember that scoring systems can also decide championships. In 1958 Moss won 4 races to Hawthorn's 1 and lost the championship by one point due in part to the fastest lap being worth one point and also to the fact that he argued for Hawthorn's second place to count at the Portuguese Grand Prix of Porto when Hawthorn was disqualified for pushing his car. He won about 40 % of all the races he entered and drove many formulae and marques. Stirling Moss is one of the greatest racing drivers of all time and I would advise some of you to check your history before you reveal your ignorance to the world.

Hear, hear! I'm sick of these attacks on Moss (and Schumi, and Hamilton... and, judging by comments on YouTube, even on Senna senior)...

golfman 29 April 2010

Re: Stirling Moss: 'Schu's past it'

How can anyone take any notice of what you say when you can't even construct a reply without realising that it's just a bit of levity. Get a sense of humour you silly person.

kdwilcox 29 April 2010

Re: Stirling Moss: 'Schu's past it'


Whats that about a lift shaft?,an old man falls down

a lift shaft,and you seem to make fun of it,grow up

you silly man.

To make fun of such a thing,well,how can anyone take any

notice of any thing you say.