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F1's most successful ever driver is convinced he will win again in 2011
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3 December 2010

Michael Schumacher has tipped himself to return to the top step of the podium in 2011 - should Mercedes provide him with a competitive car.

Speaking to German media, the seven-time Formula One world champion said the team was in a better position going into 2011 "because of the immense support from Mercedes".

"We will make a big leap forward and - if all goes well - win races," he said. "But we cannot presume to think that we will be fighting for the championship."

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Schumacher also said his car was plagued with problems compared with his Mercedes' team-mate Nico Rosberg in 2010. "My floor was burned because of the exhaust being too hot, or the F-duct working in places where it should not," he said.

Referring to Singapore, where Schumacher was unusually lacklustre, he said: "A week later I got the team's analysis: my team-mate and I were five degrees apart on the front wing. In Formula One, that's a world." He continued: "At Spa my F-duct didn't work, but I didn't say anything. At Suzuka it happened again -- again a problem with my car but not with Nico's.

"I said to Norbert [Haug] and Ross [Brawn] that it was time for an explanation of the reasons. I prefer to speak inside the team, and I am convinced that in 2011 the problems will exist no more. I was away for three years, and I'm no longer 25. The car was a compromise. With the tyre, it was difficult for me to drive how I wanted to."

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3 December 2010

For someone who prefers to 'speak inside the team' this is not exactly soul of discretion stuff. Fair dos after you've left the team and safely writing your memoirs but not when you're still driving for the people you're panning, surely?

3 December 2010

I predict, I can win in 2011, if someone gives my a racing license, an F1 contract and a competitive car.

I also predict that the chances of me winning it are the same as his. Whats he supposed to say? "My car was rubbish last year, its going to be rubbish this year as well but I will give it a go." I have no doubt that in the days and weeks to come Vettel will say I can win in 2011, as will Webber, Alonso, Button, Hamilton.

They will all claim that their car was a compromise last season, they expect to make massive improvements this year, but everyone will be on level playing field due to the new tyres

3 December 2010

Seriously, what a sad, sad man? What about all the times when Nico's car wasn't up to scratch, and not performing as well as Michael's? It evens out, and he can't have a hope in hell of even beating his teamate at the end of the season, let alone winning a race! I'll be shocked if someone close to him doesn't tell him the cruel truth. Sad.

4 December 2010

Schumacher, the King of covering his butt!, he makes challenging statements, but, there's always a but,everything will be blamed on an uncompetitive car or something, why doesn't he realise he's not got youth on his side anymore!,good enough to beat the bottom ten teams of the field, but always last,at least forty-five seconds behind the leaders at the finish, podium finisher?, only if there's three car's racing !.

6 December 2010

I expect that this will be Schuey's last chance to prove that his comeback can work, we should have a good clue by the time of the testing pre season. If he is not up to his teammates pace then the excuses will have run out.

6 December 2010

I wouldn't write him off just yet. The last few races showed he was more than a match for Britney, so if the car is good he may well win in 2011.

But having said that, it's all about the car and who responds best to Pirellis, KERS and rear wing setups. If the 2011 Hispania is good then Bruno could win too...

6 December 2010

Michael Schumacher has tipped himself to return to the top step of the podium, 2011 - if Mercedes provide him with a competitive car.

  • I can win in two thousand and eleven,
  • I'm no champion asleep on the shelf!
  • I can win using any car chosen,
  • So long as I don't drive it myself.

6 December 2010

You'll have to have a bigger spoon for that pot too raise a response to that statement!

6 December 2010

[quote Autocar]"We will make a big leap forward and - if all goes well - win races," he said. "But we cannot presume to think that we will be fighting for the championship."[/quote] The only way he'll win is by unsporting driving - deliberately crashing into someone else or driving them off the track; he's had plenty of practice over the years.

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