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Seven-time world champion hits back at the criticism aimed at him in his comeback season

Michael Schumacher has hit back at critics of his performances in his comeback season in Formula One.

Criticism of Schumacher reached new highs after the Canadian GP, where he was involved in incidents with Felipe Massa, Robert Kubica and both Force India drivers.

British TV pundits Martin Brundle, Eddie Jordan and David Coulthard were particularly critical; the former accused Schumacher of driving “appallingly badly”.

The Mercedes GP racer told PA Sport in Valencia he was “quite happy” with his performances so far.

“I don't think there are many guys around the world who, at 41, come back after a three year break and compete at this high a level,” said Schuamcher.

“I don't take them seriously because there are different elements to Formula One, and one part is showbusiness.”

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Dave Ryan 27 June 2010

Re: Schu hits out at critics

I take Michael's point about the showbusiness side of things, but at the same time I feel Martin Brundle's criticism of his driving at Canada was entirely fair. He qualified poorly, ran off the road, forced Kubica onto the grass, broke Massa's front wing and nearly took out Buemi and the Force Indias for good measure. However you look at it, it was a poor drive. The condition of his tyres certainly played its part, but to my mind he overcompensated for that with some dubious manoeuvres and was lucky to get away without a reprimand in some cases.

I have the greatest respect for his talent and record, and believe he is one of the greatest drivers we have ever seen, but if he drives badly he deserves to be pulled up for it just as much as anyone else. Today's race in Valencia wasn't much of an improvement in qualifying or race position, but at the same time his standard of driving was much improved. Hopefully his performances will continue to improve like this for the rest of the races.

Los Angeles 27 June 2010

Re: Schu hits out at critics

Overdrive wrote:
Still, not the first journalists have distorted and exaggerated things, and won't be the last.
Very true. To make good copy take an extreme position.

What can't be denied is, whether an athlete has enjoyed 20x20 vision all his youth or not is immaterial. His eyesight will assurdly deteriorate after 40 years of age, and every driver knows what that means for spacial awareness and senses, for distances and reaction times.

Overdrive 26 June 2010

Re: Schu hits out at critics

Broughster wrote:

This isn't exactly 'hitting out' at his critics. More a mild acknowledgement that there is more to Formula 1 than driving the car, there is a shobiz element. The commentators are just trying to crank it up a bit,.....

I concur. Never really been a fan of Shumacher, but if anything he seems to be taking the criticisms in his stride and his comments, at least in this instance, could hardly be described as hitting out at anyone.

Still, not the first journalists have distorted and exaggerated things, and won't be the last.