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FIA ruling outlaws planned McLaren tech update

McLaren has halted work on a new suspension system which would have allowed it to change the ride height of its cars after they have been put into parc ferme.

The FIA wrote to all F1 teams last week to advise them that any system which varied the car’s ride height was outlawed.

“We’ve had to change some of the things we’re doing. Basically, we had a system we were working on, and we’ve now suspended that,” said McLaren engineering director Paddy Lowe.

Asked if he thought any other teams had similar systems already in place, Lowe said: "We got the feeling that others were further advanced in development. I haven't got a clue as to whether anyone else has a system on their cars though."

Despite the rule clarification, Lewis Hamilton and Jenson Button will run with aerodynamic tweaks on their McLaren MP4-25s in this weekend’s race.

Robert Cullen

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every thing you... 15 April 2010

Re: McLaren halts suspension work

Reminds me of Gordon Murray's Brabham days.