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British one-two as Red Bull team-mate's clash

Lewis Hamilton took his first win of the season in the Turkish Grand Prix, but it was a clash between the pace-setting Red Bull team-mates that was the real talking point of the event,

Pole-sitting Red Bull driver Mark Webber led until team-mate Sebastian Vettel's lap 40 passing move, which ended with the German out of the race and the Australian down in third.

Both drivers blamed each other for the incident, which left Hamilton and McLaren team-mate Jenson Button out front.

The McLaren duo then began some close racing of their own. As light drizzle started, Button got a run on Hamilton towards Turn 12 with nine laps to go.

With Hamilton defending the inside, Button went right around the outside - giving him the racing line and the lead at Turn 13.

But Button's lead lasted only the length of the pits straight, with Hamilton diving back to the inside into the first corner and through a narrowing gap to take the lead.

With McLaren frantically urging its drivers to conserve fuel thereafter as it kept an eye on some consumption issues, that was the end of the battle.

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Walking 1 June 2010

Re: Hamilton wins Turkish GP

I think both McLaren drivers where being sensible and playing the waiting game with the current regs on fuel and tyres the quickest way to finish the race is not to race every lap. This in part is why Jenson has more points than Lewis. I think Lewis is beginning to learn this from Jenson its great to watch Lewis racing but no good for him if he has to limp home with warn out tyres or no fuel for the last ten laps. I was looking forward to the McLarens turning up the pace with about twenty laps to go. Now we will never know if they actual had the best race package if not the fastest one lapper.

PhilM4000 31 May 2010

Re: Hamilton wins Turkish GP

Lewis is clearly faster than Jensen on track. As we heard afterwards, when the Red bulls crashed Vettel had 1 lap of performance mode left and Webber was on fuel save. I think Hamilton would have passed them in the first laps on their fuel save mode given how he had the fuel to drive away from Jensen after their duel. I think the Red bull is right now a better car than the Mclaren but Jensen and Hamilton are for me the best two drivers out there and with polar opposite styles.

Peter Cavellini 31 May 2010

Re: Hamilton wins Turkish GP

Having watched the whole F1 on the Beeb and listened too the pundits i began to wonder, were we watching the Lewis Hamilton Show?, the guy inherited the win, he nearly didn't win (Button, better driver in my opinion) and while it was a very good race to watch up until Vettel got a bit frisky (least said the better) Hamilton didn't look like he was going to do anything at that time to stop the Red Bull domination.Maybe it's just me but we're getting this Britain expects coming through the commentary, well i don't think it's going too come from Hamilton,if he'd dominated the race you could have said so , but that only a third of the season gone, who knows who is going too win?.