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Ferrari president Luca di Montezemolo has total faith in Fernando Alonso

Ferrari president Luca di Montezemolo has total faith in Fernando Alonso, despite an indifferent start to the season from the double world champion.

Di Montezemolo told Gazzetta dello Sport that he was unconcerned about criticism of Alonso and has no regrets over choosing the Spaniard over Michael Schumacher for this season.

“It was good with Michael but it's over," he said. "No regrets. Today I'm very happy with Alonso, both on and off the track. Alonso has team spirit, conscientiousness, attachment to the team. And when he races he's a fantastic fighter."

Alonso won the season opener in Bahrain but has struggled for form since. He has had accidents in practice for Monaco and at the first corner in Australia, while he also jumped the start in China.

The Ferrari president has put the Monaco error down to “excessive confidence” and the jump start in China to “tension”.

"I consider a mistake only what happened at Monte Carlo, due to excessive confidence," he said. "He wanted to test the limit while thinking of pole, and he crashed. The jump start in China was down to the tension. But we are in a great position for the championship - the game is on."

Alonso’s team mate Felipe Massa has also come under pressure this year and di Montezemolo outlined what the Brazilian needed to do to retain his place at the team next year.

"Carry on working with the same spirit while taking care of himself and the team,” he said.

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golfman 27 May 2010

Re: Ferrari: 'No Alonso regrets'

'Smug' is a bit unfair, isn't it? The guy worked hard and got results. He seems a decent sort and the McLaren team-guys really like him apparently. However, as you have indeed spent time with him then you should know better than any of us. Shame, I liked to think he was a good guy.

WheresMyElectricCar 27 May 2010

Re: Ferrari: 'No Alonso regrets'

There I was thinking that as I've spent time with Jenson on several occasions, travelled to at least 3 GP a year for the past 3 years and do a fair bit of amateur racing that I might know a little bit about what I wrote... Sorry, I was clearly wrong FriendlyFisherman, although you didn't care to mention on what point? Incidentally, Jenson was smug even before he won, winning just made him intolerable.

m5rcc 27 May 2010

Re: Ferrari: 'No Alonso regrets'

So are you, but who cares?